Star Strip page 99

bravo1102 on May 25, 2015

We passed the 100 page mark a while ago and I didn't say anything.  This comic is best ignored when it comes to newscasts because whether intentional or not it will get buried.  WHo am I kidding, it's intentional.  Face it the comic is awful and barely worth reading especially as I veer off into some BDSM here.

The climax of the comic is nearing as the torture is the impetous for the following action that brings the story to its height and then conclusion. From that point of view it could be said to be valid.  Or not.  I could have just done shadows and screaming but where's the fun in shooting that.  It's not like there's any blood, just screaming.  

There is another change-up in the story ending. I'm also playing with another scene on Enterprise specifically to highlight the Nimoy as Spock figure I just finished customizing.  We'll see.

The How it's done pages will appear Fridays so if you want to skip the story and just look at the making of stuff it appears Fridays.