Star Strip page 45

bravo1102 on Nov. 26, 2014

Let's look in on the another half of the away team. This continues with the characterization of Donagh from the previous pages. They all know what's supposed to happen but aren't exactly thrilled with it. And for all you Eomer fans there he is in the background. He doesn't say much and originally was supposed to be expendable but how many hunky guys with long blonde hair are theere running around in Star Trek? 

As far as those expecting the usual Bravo body count, be prepared to be disappointed. Phasers are on stun. Mass bloody killings just don't take place on screen in Star Trek. 
Curently I'm still about 15 pages ahead in production. These are some involved composite scenes so the process has slowed. Also I keep finding little continuity bits and gags to throw in. Just what will happen when Jen meets Rickover? How far will the Aordians go to prove their loyalty to Lon and keep their cover?