Star Strip page 135

bravo1102 on Sept. 1, 2015

There's Jill with another patented and trademarked Grey Guy/Gal lean-in.  It's assumed they were doing some expert hiding behind a bed somewhere. They weren't having sex because the mood wasn't right.  I've really slowed the pace on the pages because I kept running out of pictures, took a couple of page loads and then worked them up before I got another chance to do any shooting.  So I stretched out the few pictures I had.  There's also a lot of talking going on and I wanted a clean look to the page.

Elsewhere, I still have not done my presentations for the DD Awards. They're written and last week I finally got around to getting the costumes together.  But no time to shoot it! I'm doing 56 hours a week at work and I'm bushed. I spent my whole day off reading comics I bought off of Indy-planet. (It's all your fault Jerrie, I went and got all the Dangerdolls comics because of the links you put up in your comic)  The judging this year was easier than I thought as it so happened the categories I was assigned contained comics I had favorited and been following. So there was no mad binge reading required.
I have to take pictures now. Till Friday!