Star Strip page 20

bravo1102 on Sept. 29, 2014

I'm going to stop the issue# pretense and go consecutive with the pages. The cover pages have in the past given me a chance to use otherwise unused art but I'm on a roll with the pages. As of this writing I'm working on page 31 so the buffer is growing.

The comic is going to three pages a week. It will updating Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And now for the downside of winning Best Completed Comic. It's completed. The comic will get new readers but it's finished. How to translate that into readers for what's being done now? Especially since this comic is a slip back into the topless dolls shtick of the robofemoid series. I promise some twists though. As many as I can come up with.

The planet Dorcatfor is named for Dorothy Catherine Fontana or D.C. Fontana another one of the main creative forces behind ST:TOS. And the password is a reference to that original series episode. I met David Gerrold and even played the old fantasy arcade game Gauntlet with him.