Star Strip page 67

bravo1102 on Jan. 26, 2015

Turns out there are different settings on the stripper beam. Frank hasn't used it before so he's a novice. Some of the settings are too shocking for even a Grey Guy. Or just overkill. Lenalee's comment is a reference back to her telling the cadet not to forget her underwear. There was an anonymous comment about there not being any bush. Lenalee and Cadet Lars wax so nothing in visible. 

As I've said before there are huge gaps where the hips meet the thighs and the crotches are short for maximum poseability. So there is a lot of play with filling in what's missing. I was looking at some recent images of the figures in their upcoming outfits and realized that the crotches are too blunt. Keenly aware of the anatomy, here I am drawing in crotches on dressed figures.  

The buffer is getting there, but some difficult shots follow the bridge lingerie party with the action finally picking up. A page and a half of dialogue was added among Aura and Jenny and Rush using close-ups as per Ironscarf's recent suggestion. Hopefully everything will look good.

More ideas for Belle's Best are piling up and I want to write some scripts but keep them short. This thing is getting a lot longer than originally intended . It was only supposed to run 75 page! At page 76 there are still 15 pages of script to shoot.