Acceptance of the Best Parody/Tribute page.

bravo1102 on Oct. 28, 2015

What? Four captains on one stage? How did the DD awards pull that off? Bravo magic.

Since this will hopefully also be appearing in the DD Awards there are  explanations of the Trek trivia jokes.  More joshing at Rickover's expense and Pike's remark again hints at the next Tales of SIG story: Court Martial. It's hard writing a story with no fights and all characterization. Just what to leave out and what to hint at and how to bring the characters together. 

And wouldn't you know Shatner flubbed his lines? He was known for that. What do you think all those dramatic pauses were? Shatner trying to remember his lines.
EDIT: We went and had Shatner redo his line. Thanks Bill.
EDIT#2:We found another Shatner flub. Get him back in here to redub it!