Star Strip page 82

bravo1102 on March 24, 2015

Only a page remains in the buffer and still no desire to take any more pictures. I am not very happy with the story right now. The graphics are coming out good and I'm pleased with the effects I'm getting. Here is one of my attempts at character interaction but it probably falls flat and it's all dolls and boobs. 

I worked on the dialogue here re-writing it again and again and trying to get the most information in without long speeches. Also I had to figure out how Nakkar would gain Aura's trust in one page. I already knew that Aura had children and is older than she seems. This was hinted a few pages back that Aordians and Diamorians age slower.  So I came up with a back-story about why Nakkar had fled Diamorian space.  For her children.

The Aordians and Diamorians generally have wars about every other generation or so and it's been like that for thousands of years. The last war was the worst in a thousand years and had led her to swear that her children would not be in the next one. 
For the record Aura has two pre-teen children and Nakkar has three with the oldest being a teen. Jenny has one girl.  Aordian and Diamorian family life is different from ours with the distances of space making long separations common. But both have large extended families that extended lives make possible with great-great-grandparents commonly still being active and available. It should be remembered that Aordian culture does not have the contractual exclusive pairing and sharing of property that we call marriage.