Star Strip page 120

bravo1102 on July 28, 2015

Good old Rickover tries again. Turns out he did have a date with Nakkar and a Diamorian was too much for him.  One wonders what he considers freakishly kinky. Her sticking out her chest like that is intentional. A bit of body language.  In these two panels Nakkar was using the clamshell medical tricorder to wake up the stunned personnel.  It is assumed that the Master Chief has a key to the armory and he and Spcok are running back and forth to supply weapons.  
The past week or so I've been sponsoring the Project Wonderful ad promoting voting for the 2015 Drunk Duck awards.  There's been some aggressive bidding going on and the bid is over $10 for combined US, Canadian, EU and World traffic. In fact I couldn't afford to hold the Canada spot. Also I've run out of funds.  I'm going to ask for contributions as I took this upon myself without fanfare. I get a bit sick and tired of people trying to get away with that “It wasn't on the front page so I didn't know!”  There is an ad right in front of your face when the page comes up, you have no excuse.

Right now I'm distracted by some flash animation for Double Take's upcoming comic series expanding the world of 1966's Night of the Living Dead. They're all pretty salacious with girls in bikinis or nude.  Pretty bogus stuff as I've seen the comic highlights and they carefull avoid showing nipples by ridiculous placement of foliage and so forth. The usual cop-out bullshit.  It doesn't work, this is the 21st Century not 1960.  We could all grow up just a bit and acknowledge the reality of human anatomy. I still might buy the comics as they look intrguing and I have an outline for a script based on the original movie with my take on 1966 called The Morning After of the Living Dead. 

Production is past page 130 so there will be a Friday page this week.  As someone commented last week the comic is indeed heading to final show-down and climatic battle.  As the script says simply “Lots of wire-fu action”  I can be pretty brief in the scripts when it comes to fight scenes.