Star Strip issue 1 page 16

bravo1102 on Sept. 19, 2014

Introducing the newest Grey Guy: Lon. Lon is a figure of Lon Chaney in the movie London After Midnight wearng an outfit inspired by Marty Feldman in  Mel Brooks' Silent Movie (yucks there as London after Midnight is a silent movie) The Lon Chaney characterization predates the Joker by over a decade and probably inspired it. And yes I have experimented with digital make-up to give Lon the Joker's colors. He is the spitting image of Caesar Romero as Joker.

This pages explains a lot about Grey Guys and alludes to their most common exploit, high-jacking space ships and stripping shirts. Why stripping shirts? It degrades the strippee and since Grey Guys are viewed as so low any way they can bring others down to their level, if not lower, is lots of fun! There's also something fundamentally wrong with their psychological make-up.  Some goof during the genetic development of their subspecies no doubt.  

I'm going to three pages a week but whether it's Friday or Saturday I'm not sure yet. Currently I'm working on page 23 and have enough content stored up for two or three pages after that. So there is some buffer. I broke another figure yesterday but it'll become an alien figure so the repair can be hidden under some apoxi-sculpt putty.