Grad School-Based Hiatus

selecthumor on Sept. 14, 2014

Hi readers,
I'm sorry for not letting people know the status of this
comic since I came back from California a month ago as a lot has happened to mesince then, most notably that I am now working part time at the research group
I was interning at for more than a year now along with volunteering as anartist in a hospital for pediatrics and my preparations to taking the GRE Psych
Subject test in this and the coming month, along with other grad schoolpreparations. I am not going to make excuses to say that it is my bad that I haven't told you guys this sooner.

No, I am not quitting on this series but I cannot promise a guaranteed update for the next few months due to the copious studying and
preparations for graduate school applications that I have to do for the next few months. Once that passes over later December or early January I hope to get back into the routine of drawing, maybe even more than before.

Thank you all for being patient with me. If you happen to have fan art that you would like to act as filler updates, I would happily post them up and give you credit as the best fans a Select can ask for.