95: I can't fly

BraveNewWorld on Feb. 21, 2015

Hello all - I know it has been awhile. Personal work life has just been hectic as I had to take over a second company and I really only have time to draw on the weekends now - in between trying to relax as well (bought a PS4 if anybody wants to friend me :D - it is PAJUIKEN - currently playing Battlefield 4 like a noob).  I think I might start doing ‘Seasons’ in order to get around to everything.  Like I will maybe do 3 months of BNW, then take 3 months off and do something else.  I haven't decided yet.  The most important thing though is that I keep on having fun as this is a hobby over and above anything else.  On that note, I have decided to make this portal the main one for Brave New World and have thus discarded my site.  There were too many hackers on the damn thing, wordpress was compromised and a whole lot of other things.  It made it a heacache to deal with.  So, if you are reading BNW here - you are reading it first.  Thanks for the support and reading guys - you are awesome! (sorry for being long-winded)