Forgotten Stories: Dudley Death Bunny - Page 1

BraveNewWorld on Nov. 15, 2015

While I take a break from BNW (well, not really - I am drawing the next chapter so that updates can happen regularly, but I digress) – I decided to post some of my forgotten stories.  If you guys want to see some of these continue then you just need to tell me.  So, first off is Dudley Death Bunny.  This was supposed to be a companion to Brave New World that revealed a lot more of this Universe I created, especially the Nine dimensions and the Vidulars.  The reason I paused it was that I moved to London and had less and less time to do a second comic - the same fate which seems to have befallen my Rugby comic ‘Shout for the Mighty’ (incidently, also in the same universe, just far in the future).  Anyway… I loved doing Dudley and if you guys like this story I might just shoe-horn it into the main Brave New World – but I will let you decide. PS> It goes from colour to Black and White pretty quickly as I couldn't be arsed anymore :)