97: What is a Hero?

BraveNewWorld on April 6, 2015

I am slowly turning into one of those ‘one page a month’ type of guys.  I bought a scooter to get me home faster in the evenings though so that I can start drawing in the week again to fight this trend.  I hope it works out ;)  –  I specifically don't want to call my characters ‘Superheroes’ - as I think that term is thrown around too freely.  If you want to be called a ‘Hero’ of any kind, you have to earn it.  Epica is taking her first step here by overcoming her fears and joining the fray again.  Heather is a funny character.  I did not feel much for her at all in the beginning - but I am slowly starting to uncover her ‘voice’ - if that makes sense.  She feels like a hard-nosed ‘softie’, if you know what I mean. Any opinions on Heather?