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Name: Kiyoshi
Position: Guy who draws a lot
Likes: The sky, strawberries, water, music, sleep
Dislikes: Overcooked vegetables, white chocolate
Hobbies: Making music, photographing the sky
Favorite Emoticon: o.o
About: Kiyo is the lead artist. He draws and inks the art, comics, and whatever else we do. He's a terribly finicky perfectionist. He likes to write songs, but he doesn't like the songs he writes.

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Life is an adventure stuffed with love, action, drama, comedy, and mahjong. Less of the first, more of the latter. Welcome to our reality. It's fun!

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A land of war and forbidden sorcery where the souls of the dead guide the living to victory. Even in Rien's quiet snow-covered town, the dark conflicts of the world permeate every life.

The threads of destiny brought several individuals to cross paths and undertake an adventure that has been prophesized since the destruction of Ancestral war between Light and Dark. This is their story.

William Stancie is the Wolf Warrior, who was born to destroy the 6th Solar Age, 4 plagas were send to the earth, now 9 people called, anima warriors, are to protect mankind.

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