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She is dark haired,
Dark eyed,
And of the middle ages.
She is quiet and thoughtful,
and often passes unseen
Until she laughs…
And then people notice her.
She shuns designer labels,
And fancy cars.
She adores individuals
who stand out from the crowd.
She loves to watch the dawn rise,
But often mourns the night.
She doesn't wear make-up,
But she loves the taste of lipstick,
Especially on another woman.
She likes to lose herself in dreams,
And dreams of waltzing in empty ruins.
With a lover.
She is an emotional vampire
That feeds on love.
For love tastes better than blood.
But she will sacrifice her blood for those she loves
Their pleasure is hers.
She dreams by night and dreams by day,
It doesnt take much for her mind to stray
That annoys some people.
She sometimes blushes in her dreams,
But only shares them with one,
The one who kindled them.
She loves animals
And driving in heavy fog
And walking in it too.
She is not perfect.
She doesn't try to be either.
She doesn't trust easily
She has been hurt in the past,
But she learned to mend her own heart.
She likes to collect childish things,
And play childish games. They keep her young.
For she knows that when the child grows up,
The spirit dies.
She has her own moral standards
But she is easily corrupted,
Especially when she is high on laughter.
She cares about those closest to her deeply,
And they know it,
As long as they accept her as she is,
She'll do anything once,
And again if she likes it,
She doesnt judge, or like to be judged,
Cos you only live twice.
Once when awake and again in your dreams.
At least she should be allowed to screw one up on her own.
And she's done okay so far.
Shes not a quitter.
She loves to walk barefoot in the woods
And once stood naked on a mountain top
(But made sure she was alone first!)
She keeps her promises,
But not the timing of them
She is an angel who likes to dance with devils,
She loves fleeces,
Satin and lace.
She has wings that are soft as sable,
And if brought down quickly they can slice.
But she rarely uses them,
Other than to fly.

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HawkandFloAdventures at 5:49AM, Nov. 3, 2022

Lol we're next to eachother in the top 10 section again, you're 3rd i'm 4th lol

HawkandFloAdventures at 4:17PM, Oct. 27, 2022

I'm catching up on the many years of simply Sarah. I'm really liking it so far, so much so that i've subbed to you on comic fury as well. I'm hooked ^^;

BearinOz at 9:36PM, Feb. 7, 2014

Hello...I came here several days ago (obviously) and spotted "Cathy", so I read it right through. Had to mop the desk afterward - good job I have the big screen attached so wasn't dripping on the laptop. B-)

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