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One day, out of nowhere, absolutely nowhere, a large bang sound occurred in the middle of a grade 10 French class. A child of the mere age of 15 got hit. Not with a rock, lightning, a falling bookshelf of Latin textbooks, or a T.V., no. No, the child got hit with an idea! A wonderful idea! “I'm going to draw a house hippo on the chalk board!” exclaimed the child. Now, the child did not have much experience in drawing, but she tried, and with the help of her friends, created a phenomenon. Throughout the next few months, the child and her friends put Mr. House Hippo, without a proper name, through many adventures of the French room chalk board. Soon, he wanted to explore, so he traveled to the biology room, to the math room, and even, occasionally, he braved the drama room! His want for exploring new chalkboards turned into a need, and he travelled long distances to faraway (for a house hippo) cities for cadets. He got himself a wedge, and became friends with the squadron's then chief warrant officer! The next year, the hippo became tired, and didn't explore much, until he discovered his true past and true name through one of the aforementioned Latin textbooks! He realized that he is the reincarnation of Set, or Seth, the Egyptian God of chaos and storms! It fit him, and his best friend and artist, now a university student, quite well. Since the year was 2009, he took the modern name, and now he goes by Seth, the House Hippo! His artist on the other hand, Marisa, continues to draw his stories, but now, has decided to unleash Seth on the world, through the wonders of!
P.S. Thanks, Jay Arar, for the profile pic!

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One day, Seth the House Hippo wanted to explore the "interwebz" so his artist unleashed him on the world!

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