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Hi. I like cheese.


Ill get something up again soon when Steph (thirdperiodlunch) gets unlazy enough to write me a story already since Im too lazy to do my own. Yep.

…….I like cheese.

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Presenting "Wenis And Cleavage Kissers (of) Yesterday", also known as W.A.C.K.Y. (or WACKY, whatever works). Random comic strip about random jokes and random everyday occurances.

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This is a comic I started for my friends at lunch.never really was ment to be read by anyone else, but I'm really happy it became so popular~! Most of the stories are true, although they might be exaggerated. I have really odd friends... ^^;

Georgie wants nothing more than to be a normal girl. All she can do is just cope with living in an abnormal world where she has to fight aliens, and what ever the powers that be throw her way.

{STORY \ Bruno Cotting {ILLUST \ Viviane {READING \ from left ---> to right [occidental] {GENRE \ Mystery, Thriller

Lola is the story of a sad, sad 13 (now 14) year old girl, who lives with her eccentric grandmother. After just entering junior high school, Lola begins to make new friends and go about life like every other normal kid...of course "normal" is relative.

It's just a sweet romantic drama about making new friends and changing stubborn views and attitudes. ~ Shonen-ai / boyslove / yaoi / romance / drama ~

While looking forward to life after graduation, several Catholic schoolgirls are suddenly faced with life after death. Beguiling vampires and elegant gothic lolitas haunt this modern tale of naked fangs, forbidden love, and plaid gone bad.


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Viviane_ch at 7:09AM, June 3, 2007

Thanks for adding me as friend!~^____^~

Thirdperiodlunch at 6:39PM, May 16, 2007

HAY ROSIE I LOVE YOU OK. <3333234523453242

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