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I am Poliwirl100s dad

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Imagine a world in which your favorite manga and anime characters are all fighting against each other. In the world of Animania, an evil warlord takes control of the earth and tries to enslave all of humanity. Only the rebels can stop him now.

A parody of anime, such as Pokemon, Death Note, Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Naruto.

Top friends make up the main cast. Other friends appear in it, just not as often. A girl had feeling for her guy friend, but never told him. After 6 years of being alone, she finds Drunk Duck, her old friends.........and her crush.

[img][/img][color=red][size 70]G[/size][/color][color=magenta][size 50]R[/size][/color][color=green][size 30]I[/size][/color][color=cyan][size 50]N[/size][/color][color=blue][size 70]D[/size][/color]

Sam has a gift with women. He oozes charm, and can get any girl into bed. Sam has everything he could want, but there's one problem - and his name is George! The two boys are drawn to each other, causing even heart-throb Sam to look within himself.. YAOI

Set in an alternate universe with famous heroes and super-villans, a group of the strongest set out on what may be one of the most epic sprite comics ever!

An alternate storyline where Naruto catches Sasuke before he goes to Orochimaru and then things go completely out of control.

A boys-love remix of the original tale! Peter, a lonely shepherd's son, craves a love-life... Little does he know his 'love-life' will come sporting ears and a tail! Peter will soon learn there's more than one way to 'cry wolf'...

Fighting with Smash bros. charicters and others. I accept people who want to join and stuff so come on read it


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katanaherox at 7:39PM, June 15, 2008

thanx 4 the add

LaoBoy360 at 11:31AM, May 27, 2008

can i ask, who are you and where did you find me?

Try Honesty666 at 5:56PM, May 1, 2008

Is who the rock?

Black Daisy at 10:11AM, March 25, 2008

What the f......french toast was I gonna say here? ............*brain fart*................ Oh yeah! Hey. :) Laughing makes u live longer. Don't believe it? Look it up!

Black Daisy at 11:13AM, March 24, 2008

Oh my gosh! Ur his dad 4real!? I love that! Kick ass, I'm a friend! Yo pw's dad, That's the end.

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