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I just found out about this place when someone requested to be my friend lol! Im a University student studying Veterinarian medicine. My main online comic is the Emperials which I created a long time ago and am currently redrawing as I changed the plot.
My other comic is not online or really drawn (beyond concept sketches) and doesnt really have a name yet.
If you want to see or support me look to my comic on DD or the website

The Emperials updates Tuesdays and Thursdays, currently.

Enjoy this page :)

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In This fantasy comic a goddess, Argentina, soon finds herself in a sticky situation that leads her to a mortal life. Will she be able to live through the mortal emotions long enough to regain her immortality?

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A super-powered vampire with pirate-related PTSD accidentally starts collecting friends like a crazy cat lady collects strays, and they all live in a cabin in the woods.

Takes place in a post apocolyptic time period, 10 years after a destructive war that brought the population down to 9 million. Two fugitives escape from the city ward and group up with a tribe of desert nomads, struggling to remain uncaptured.

Strange things have started happening in the local cemetery since Fernando Fritz rose from his grave... could this zombie be the cause of all the weirdness, or does it just follow him? Updates every 13th of the month!

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EnviousEnvy101 at 8:24PM, Nov. 30, 2008

No problem at all! ^___^

EnviousEnvy101 at 7:43PM, Nov. 30, 2008

Thank you for the add back! ^_^

Cain at 10:13PM, July 18, 2008

Hi there!! thx!! XD

soulcelshade at 10:02AM, July 15, 2008


shino at 9:33AM, April 9, 2008

yaya ness!!!! I LOVE YOU LOTS!!!

Black Daisy at 2:26PM, March 10, 2008

Kick ass, I'm a friend! Yo pv, That's the end. Enjoy!

Warpedwenger at 10:56PM, Feb. 28, 2008

I know how you feel about the comments it's about the only thing we get out'ta this! I got good news for you since you want to read my comic but don't have the time to go through my very large archive... I just started a new story arc at chapter 7.

Warpedwenger at 5:45PM, Feb. 28, 2008

Hello new friend!

rmmanuel at 5:50PM, Feb. 8, 2008

Happy to :) You have a cool comic!!! Oh and thanks for the add!!!

DamitaPerez at 8:33AM, Jan. 19, 2008

I haven't been on here in forever. lol The Emperials is still doing awesome I see. I've been over at It's easier for me I guess.

DamitaPerez at 6:34AM, May 12, 2007

You have to update The Emperials! I wanna know what's happening! ^_^

DamitaPerez at 2:29AM, April 27, 2007

PV! You probably don't know me. I'm a friend of Chuu's.

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