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O Hai!

I really, really suck at talking about myself. Really.

About my comic? That I can do. I have two comics, actually. Only one can be found here at the moment. My other can be found at

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The story of 'Children of the Tiger' follows the five Dragon Warriors in their quest to recover the missing Princess of Shanshiire. Their help in this is requested by her father the Emperor as she'd gone missing inside the borders of Telvan.

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A genocidal war between dragons and wolves, and a family of traitors. The youngest son sets out to discover the truth behind his family's disappearance, and bring honor back to his bloodline.

An outcast struggles to cope with his unique curse and finds compassion in the heart of a popular high school beauty queen. Ancient legends and prophecies unfold! Updated 3 days a week!

(MANGA) A young woman struggles to cope with her turbulent past and slowly, learns to love again..

A comic about a furry caracal [cat] and her life as a model, lover and mail girl, in a furry world. Staring Dazz, a caracal and Sam, a border collie.

In Kanvas Town, best friends Jessworth Frank and Dozy Bourbon have reached graduation. But with school done and thier paths drifting apart, can they face their new worlds together?

a dragon becoming a knight?!

What do you get when you cross a hypocritical demon hunter, a naive angel, and a weeks' journey across the globe on foot? Go find out in Project: Demonhunter!

Erippash thought he was the only dragon left alive. Then life gave him the the one thing he had never expected to find: hope. Follow the story of one dragon's epic journey to find out if there is another.

In a world that seems normal enough, there are dark things lurking in the shadows. For one girl being "normal" means not be be hunted or to lose all she ever cared about but some things cannot be hidden forever.....

A sun god, a dark magician, 10 colored stones and 3 slightly confused anthro-girls... what do they all have in common? The possible destruction of the universe.


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