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hi im paws and yes im new im allso a new artest i neead ideas for a comic plez hellp

He looked about 19, and as you saw him walk you see in both of his ears were piercing. Bandages were on his right arm, leg, and chest. He wore baggy cargo shorts and he didnt wear a shirt. He walked up to you and said hey. As he smiled you saw his canine teeth seemed to be a bit more pointed than normal. It seemed like he was hiding something. He had white fur that seamed to move on its own. It shined in the sun and even in the moon light. His hair was black it was long and braded. He wore a cross on his color. His eyes where light blue.

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An action/adventure/comedy of a ninja mouse out to avenge his late wife and son, as well as little mini adventures he gets involved with by the characters he meets along the way. Rated PG-13. Updated every saturday.

All about Random furries from around the U.S come together to help out this one Siberian husky fur, in his major dilemma during the summer.

One budgie, one rat, a lot of alcohol: University life at its finest.

When 8th-grade artist-girl Riza Wolfe receives a dream catcher as a gift, she discovers that some of her drawings aren't as made up as they seem. Lead by her Guardian, Luna, Riza is whisked away into a world she'd have only thought existed in dreams.

A Final Fantasy VII doujinshi featuring Vincent Valentine, Yuffie Kisaragi and Red XIII.

With Az_The_Wox's permission, I've created a cross-over comic between WYDS and Prof Prince's star, Azarath Prince. Nothing in WYDS besides characters is the same, a young kitty girl gets lost in the woods and ends up in a wolf pack. NO FILLERS, furry.

In 1920s Sweden, a local dog pack struggles to survive with the threat of a treacherous pack of wolves and their leader.

During Universal century 0083 a competition was ensuing, the competition of 2 teams to create the next earth federation mainstay mobile suit. In this comic we follow the development of the one nicknamed Sturm Jim/GM. RGM-83[A] (a Gundam fancomic)

After a War that spanned across three galaxies, several Immortals seek refuge on a backwater planet that had been ignored in the War. They called it Threshold. They found peace there. Only 5000 years later war finally found Threshold.

Some people run from their problems. Some people hitch-hike across the country with their mentally unstable best friend, leaving a trail of destruction as they go, and meeting some serious weirdos. Rasvaar is that second type of person.

The Order was created to protect the world from the ancient artifacts of the Norebai, however now the greatest and most frightening artifact ever has been discovered.

The Eciel Clan, led by a High Matriarch named Eciel Ira, has to leave their home due to the fact that "predators" have been ravaging their forest and killing their kind. But there is help along the way. FURRY!

Angel, a 19 year old student is trying to live through college. Her friends, family, and others are all in a tangled web of surviving finals as well as relationships. Furry!


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