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Name: Mikayla
Gender: girl
fav band(s): seether, evenescence,linkin park,sonic syndicate, and etc.
fav cartoon(s): naruto, robot chicken, code geass, ed edd n eddy, and etc.
fav food(s): tacos
fav drink(s): mt. dew, monster, water, and rockstar
occupation(s): fucking skool
fav. thing(s) to do: skateboard, be me, read comics, and be a total nerd or geek
fav color(s): clear or orange or black or white
about me: im a girl and a total nerd when it comes to things like comics, manga, and anime. im a tomboy but i do have a little bit of a girly girl side. im curantly in a relationship with a really cute guy. and ya any questions just ask me in an email! :P

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Chad is a troublemaker who thinks life is against him. He thinks school is a jail, and the adults, his executioners. What happens when this boy meets Ewan, the happiest boy on Earth? This is the coming of age story of a teenager with a colorless life...

Caesar lost his sight temporarily, and in order to recover, he moves to the country for a while. In this place Caesar meets Yurue, a boy living in the forest that shows him that there are also things in this world that can't only be seen by the eyes.

A wussy vampire kid, a rock band, a gorgeous werewolf, a vampiric vampire hunter, a loony vampire lord, some angels, a devil, and the ring girl on drugs decide to have a run-in. Well, they don't decide. It just sort of happens that way. (Shounen-Ai)

Slightly ridiculous yaoi OEL manga. Not stereotypical. Read at your own risk.

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