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The daily life of the weapons against squirrel org. featuring, random, stupidity, humor, war, Attention Deficit Disorder, idiotic, and more. updated at least once a month, or a year if I'm lazy. drawn completely by pencils, and three pencil crayons...

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It's crude, twisted, and sick. With gaming humor, and colorful pictures, there's tons to love. But for some, it's an Acquired Taste.

A comic about everyone's favorite pirate-themed 80s supergroup, Adam & the Ants!

Intellectual humor and solid art sprinkled with a little bit of Calvin and Hobbes. John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes, that is.

Brood Knight [Shattered Hate] is a comic about a boy and his inner demon and how an angel tries to stop it from taking over him. Action, Drama, and 1% of it is comedy. But this is more of a serious comic though.

Fan art and behind-the-scenes moments for our main comic Shades, sneak peeks at other BVC comics, embarrassing comics I made as a lad and more - it's all here!


This is a story about a little girl, Lila, and her life once she befriends two aliens.

Can Jeff make it in the Commercial World? or will he just be a wierd local guy that does a series of stuipd car commercials?

Comic about two dudes. It's dead now though, and it's very unlikely to ever make another appearance.

Now Playing: Chapter 29- The Mighty Warlord is a world mixing together puertorican culture, fantasy, character development, action, and romantic comedy. Updated Wednesdays-ish

Fanart for Guy in a Dinosaur Costume. ... you know you want to...

Surreal humour.

Ridiculousness has never been more well-represented.

A science experiment gone wrong goes on to fight crime. Full coloured and shaded pages. Updates whenever.

He IS da' Teach! YO!

A webcomic where me and THKN_NUL are room mates and detective partners. Read for chaos, action, suspense, and whatever else we can think of to get our rank up without overdoing it.

A comic about gaming, crazy antics, and some very strange characters.

Stick Figures do things. Brevity.

10 comics a day for thirty days by two people makes 600 comics. Do the math! Do it!! We can't figure it out!!!!

In a world where fantasy and magic are reborn, only one man stands for the ideals of knighthood. He is Terry Lingal, the Errant Apprentice.

Takes place in a post apocolyptic time period, 10 years after a destructive war that brought the population down to 9 million. Two fugitives escape from the city ward and group up with a tribe of desert nomads, struggling to remain uncaptured.

It's way rad and cool and hip. Just like the macintosh, but less gay. A lot less gay.

The projection of a giant, pink walrus' mind on to electronic media. Also I hear it's a kind of sequel, but more in the sense of a graphics upgrade. No earlier knowledge of the series required. I also hear it's super funny and awesome.


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Black Daisy at 8:24AM, May 27, 2008

Kick ass, I'm a friend! Yo gary, That's the end. Enjoy!

LanceDanger at 9:42PM, May 23, 2008

Hi! Thanks for the add, gonna get up to speed on your comic =D

GiantPinkWalrus at 2:34AM, May 21, 2008

Thanks for the add. Very awesome comic too.

Orange at 3:35PM, May 20, 2008

Hey thanks for the add :D!

SWexY at 3:09PM, May 20, 2008

Thanks 4 the add! X3

PotatoeMonkey at 3:32PM, May 18, 2008

hiya! thanks for the add! how did you find me? (0_0) lol!

shortjokes at 1:20PM, May 18, 2008

hey man, thanks for the add! Nice comic as well! ~Rob

Dchao at 11:15PM, May 17, 2008


Copy and Paste at 6:54PM, May 17, 2008

We're friends forever! like it or not.

rufus_edge at 6:02PM, May 17, 2008

Hey, thanks for checking out my comic. You are truly the greatest person ever to exist.

soulcelshade at 2:42PM, April 7, 2008

Hi! Thanks for the add and the recommending! Great comic you have!

Chaz McRich at 11:27PM, April 5, 2008

Thanks for the add chum!

Insizwa at 12:28PM, April 2, 2008

Thanks for the friendship due, and sweet comic.

Bocaj at 6:47PM, April 1, 2008

Thanks for the add! How did you find me?

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