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Name: Becky L.

Residents: U.S.A.

If you want to see any more atworks and character pictures, check out my deviant account!

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1810 England. It was thought that humans walked the path of enlightenment leaving monsters and dark things behind. However, those monsters and night stalkers merely hide in the darkness, as a young maid, Bernadette, soon finds out.

On a cannibalistic planet where the inhabitants only food is each other, Saturno was on a losing streak in the survival of the fittest until he discovers the world of humans and creatures who want to become them.

Transgender/Lesbian Romance! A little sophistication, a little punk rock, sexy butch women and a hapless everywoman protagonist in a lesbian demimonde.

History is made by those who write it.

The story of a little transgender girl, her gender playful BFF, her family and her friends. Now updating on

Two greedy bandits that came back from the dead and cause havoc in a wild west-like world until a misterious little girl hires them in order to help her father. This manga raises from the dead to bring you the Wild Weird West. Beware of violence and foul language. Read L-->R Comment plz!


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Aghammer at 7:12AM, March 24, 2009

Hey, how are things? We haven't chatted in awhile (your update reminded me and love it btw). You are more gutsy in your work then I will ever by and I have an "M" rating as well ;) Anyway, hope all is well and the carpet fits pefectly :D Ag

leaderofstars at 1:43PM, Jan. 14, 2009


warefish at 11:23PM, Oct. 27, 2008

Thanks for the add! :)

Warpedwenger at 9:52PM, Aug. 13, 2008

Your response to my new page made me very happy :D As thanks I read your whole comic and rated every page! I enjoyed much. Looks like you have trouble stayin motivated sometimes hopefully goin through and seein all the new comments I left will be a boost for you!

Vision at 7:46PM, May 15, 2008

Thanks for the add!^^ have a nice day!

Orange at 8:03PM, May 14, 2008

...>_> ...<_< That's one treat I'm not having for awhile...

Orange at 5:48PM, May 14, 2008


Jabali at 5:38AM, May 7, 2008

Thanks for adding me.

Orange at 8:55PM, May 6, 2008

Oh hai there my favorite cult-leading friend :D!

soulcelshade at 8:41PM, May 2, 2008


shino at 8:40AM, April 14, 2008

YAY!!!! SO am I loved??!!!

shino at 2:54PM, April 12, 2008

hahahahaha i love you!!! i think i pooped ^w^

Mister Kent at 8:43PM, March 30, 2008

You rock, crazyee becky

Daiconv at 1:46PM, Feb. 8, 2008

thanks for the fav's and the add!

rmmanuel at 2:10PM, Jan. 11, 2008

Thanks for the add :)

Warpedwenger at 10:36AM, Dec. 31, 2007


Lord Shplane at 6:51PM, Dec. 11, 2007

*See previous comment*

Ziffy88 at 3:30PM, Dec. 11, 2007

hello! Thanks for the add!

Lord Shplane at 3:28PM, Dec. 10, 2007

haha k

lapaix at 7:04PM, Dec. 6, 2007

Thanks for the add

polo at 9:19PM, Nov. 23, 2007

Thanks for the add freind.

Rutger at 1:09PM, Nov. 9, 2007

May Nightcrawler always stay pimp!

maskedmonkey at 1:45PM, Oct. 27, 2007

thanks for the add check out pokemon sinnoh surfer pokemon hoenn hitchickers and wwe

Chaz McRich at 3:25PM, Oct. 17, 2007

Thanks for the add chum!

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