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I am not even sure what to put here that does not make me sound like an idiot, babbling incoherently.

^But I am pretty sure THAT was not it… x.x

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  • Fantasy |
  • 78 pages |
  • last: June 3 2016 |
Prodigium means prodigy in Latin. A term that describes these kids well. After seemingly unrelated teens wake up in the hospital with no memory they start realizing they do know each other and the strange things happening around them aren't that strange.
  • Adventure |
  • 35 pages |
  • last: Aug. 17 2020 |
This is literally my previous comic. But with scrolling and some new art.

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20 Galaxies - The town of Quarterhill is famous for its modern legends and strange phenomena. When four local kids are led to the truth behind these legends, they are granted fantastic powers in hopes of saving the world.

BL, GL, HL Fresh out of culinary school, a young Hispanic boy manages to get himself hired at a nice Teppanyaki-style Japanese restaurant. The staff has its quirks; casual conversations alone can manage to lead to some interesting situations.

Deadfingers is a story about an indigenous girl and her tribe, struggling to salvage its independence from the imperialistic mainland. Features magic, knife fights, guns, robots and everything else you'll find in the alternate universe.

A story of a man named Takumo Hagura who is forced to face his violent past after a strange girl attacks his house. Updated weekdays.

Retro-sureal comic about 2 creepy guys and their wonderfull adventures :D

Extras from or relating to my other active comics.


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ayesinback at 9:29AM, Nov. 19, 2010

Thanks for the add, and for all the great work you're doing with prodigium :)

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