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My name is Christopher Cancel. I am the writer, artist, editor and creator of the Graphic Novel Series, “My Life as An American Hero”.
I started drawing at a very young age and got into writing in 6th grade. Since then I was interested in writing for fun.

I first started My Life as an American Hero in 2013 and its still ongoing. What got me into doing the series was anime and 9/11 and watching documentary films. My ULTIMATE GOAL is to someday make my series into an anime. I hope everyone enjoys my series and as fun with my three closest friends who I care love deeply.

To learn a bit about the series, here's the site:


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  • Superhero |
  • 395 pages |
  • last: Jan. 9 2018 |
After a series of terrorist attacks kill their parents, three sisters search for answers to who cause their deaths and why when they learn that the source of it all was from a project their parents worked on to change humanity forever. Sci-Fi, and Action mixed series.
  • Superhero |
  • 1141 pages |
  • last: Jan. 6 2024 |
Three years after the Cocoa City Attacks, the Valentine sisters try to move on with their lives, but a new threat interferes their path as they commit attacks that'll lead to a bigger conspiracy they plan for the future. During their quest, they learn more about their family's past which leads to why they're the targets.
  • Superhero |
  • 4 pages |
  • last: May 12 2024 |
With the events of S.C.U 12 years ago behind them, the Valentine sisters have departed their separate ways to begin their individual lives, but after learning about a dangerous threat facing the world’s two most powerful superpower nations, they must unite with long time faces as well as having the two nations work together in order to stop the Imperial Regiment Group (I.R.G): a Russian Paramilitary Militia from obtaining the Vitanium before it becomes a catastrophic World War III. Will they be able to have them work together and help stop this threat or will it be the end of civilization? Updates to begin November 2024
  • Superhero |
  • 0 pages |
  • last:  |
After her victory in the 2066 Presidential Election, Silvia becomes the first female and youngest President of the United States, but will face enormous obstacles as an old enemy from years back decides to settle the matter with a conflict of terrorist attack. Will her first term be a failure or will it be responsibility for leading the nation and ending the war with Al-Jaheed once and for all?

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A collection of busty B-movie actress Belinda Brandon's other films with glances behind the camera with cast, crew and family. She's the star of my other comics. Featuring stuff of all genres so long as the production costs are kept low. Updating Tuesdays and Thursdays with the story of Belle's "lost" movie and her first starring role. Space Thrall is complete, next up Barbarian Sisters. But first a hiatus until the new year.

The forest planet Farya has known peace between it's five northern territories until creatures start appearing out of cracks in the ground. These creatures eat humans quickly giving them names like monsters or demons. One man is known to walk among them fearless and word is that he travels with a monster. The dark tale of Farya....

A Bus Driver starts a Female fight Club in his Basement, with his wife and his wife's gal pals. They broad cast the fights on the internet.The cast gets into adventures outside of the club too.

Kings Club Graphic Novel Volume 1: digital-first. An Italian mafia boss' daughter has to prove her skills during a clan war, while two hired agents of a multitask worldwide mercenary organization are looking for something called "The Joker" in her family. Genre: Conspiracy Thriller Pulp Neo Noir. Protagonist: Leading lady. Twice a week!

1,000 years ago, two beings known as the "Angels" and the "Demons" came into the world and since then have become an everyday part of life for the world. It is within this world, watched over by the world police, "The Enforcement" that one boy finds himself in a spectacular adventure.

the S.P.A.I.C. Agency.(special police agency intelligence cooperative) they started as a New Jersey Law Enforcement Agency...and grew into their own, they are Galaxy wide. Worlds contract them as their Law Enforcement...and also military.SOME of the SPAIC brass, though, have their secret agendas, and contract freelancers for special assignments that go under the Radar of the powers that be.

Can vampires love? Hitomi is in love with Hayate, a vampire. Hayate is extremely interested in Hitomi's "blue heart" but no one knows what his intentions are. Kokoro, Hitomi's best friend is obsessed with her. This has Hitomi in an internal struggle with her feelings. Should Hitomi make acquaintance with strangers? Read from right to left please! Warning: Mature content, blood, gore and adult situations.


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