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I grew up loving comics, but Ill admit I havent read comics on a regular basis since the early 90s. I taught myself how to draw by practicing drawing popular comic characters at first, but then I started to create my own.

I mainly do 3D comics nowadays, but Ill break out the old ink and paper from time to time! I hope you enjoy my work :)

- Terry P

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Welcome to the Ultimate Women's Main Event!

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The chronicles of two boys that REPEAT the sixth grade and who, along with their small circle of friends, are trying to survive their pre-teens and middle school in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA.

Adult. As the title suggests, this lurid epic is full of graphic sex and violence... and not a whole lot else! Definitely not for minors, and not for squeamish adults either! You've been warned!

Sarcastic supernatural odyssey in watercolor, about a guy who talks to monsters.

the misadventures of Bones, the back alley,thrash metal mutant mad man and his side kick friends, Puke,Charlette the Harlot and Jack the Ripper.

A Nomad, a young runaway, a psychic on the verge of madness and other characters band together to reach New Babel, one of the last cities on Earth. On their way stands the Wastelands, huge desert filled with mad prophets, power-hunger mafias, bizarre creatures and the looming threat of a World-scale conspiracy...

Set in the gritty, near future of a crime,and poverty ravished Detroit,this one has it all: Pimps, Ho's, Ninjas, and cannibalistic street gangs. Great story and art by one of roleplayings hottest new artists.

WarriorBorn is an action comic told through the eyes of the main character Eclipse. During a mission gone wrong Eclipse was led to believe that his mentor had died. He quit being a superhero...until troubles around him caused him to fight again.


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jerrie at 11:07AM, Feb. 5, 2011

thanks for adding me as a friend!

Jaimie_LeiAnne at 8:04PM, Aug. 10, 2009

Hi new friend! =) **Jaimie Lei-Anne**

BlackRaven at 6:55PM, Jan. 7, 2009

hey.... comics are looking MAD TIGHT!!! u need to get your stuff on some cgi animation and make a movie!

dogcity at 7:20AM, Dec. 31, 2008

thanks 4 the add. ur comic is awsome. love the computer graffics. u do it all urself?

QSAMA at 4:49PM, Sept. 21, 2008

yo T my pq box has been actin stupid lateley just wanted to make sure u got the latest page, let me kno, later!

Ryze N Shyne Comics at 6:57AM, July 31, 2008

Thank you for stopping by and for the comics we really like your work and the way Boss looks so real amazing!

royduncan100 at 8:35PM, June 24, 2008

Thanks for be-friending me.Recommendations are cool too if you deem me worthy.By the way sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Roy

QSAMA at 3:59PM, Jan. 31, 2008

yo T do you got deviant art?

LoveandGuns at 3:26PM, Jan. 18, 2008

Thanks for the add! I really like the comic 'Boss Chick'. I keep an eye out for more updates in the future. :D

Black Daisy at 12:28PM, Jan. 10, 2008

Kick ass, I'm a friend! Yo T, That's the end. Boss Chick: That's some true shit right there!

QSAMA at 5:46PM, Jan. 9, 2008

prices you can live with!!

BlackRaven at 12:19PM, Jan. 7, 2008

This comic gets better and better...!

ChocolateHoneybee at 6:21AM, Dec. 22, 2007

Thank you for the add! I really appreciate it. Great work you got there! Happy Holidays!

QSAMA at 4:37PM, Oct. 19, 2007

T i swear we need to do a collabo one day i love how your colors look over my pencils!

QSAMA at 3:53PM, Aug. 28, 2007

hey man thanx for the add i love ur freeworld stuff!! i cant wait to get crackin on some fan art!...chek out my comic when u get a chance...later man.

blntmaker at 3:22PM, Aug. 5, 2007

Thanks for adding me! Hope to chat with you sometime.

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