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I dont come on here often maybe like twice in around 6 or 7 months…

So uh I guess I should explain myself.

My name is Drama Tanner (Insert Last Name Here)

Age: 19 2 quarters

Im a filmmaker I go to Washington State University. Freshmen.

This is weird.

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This story centers around 4 average citizens that live in Brooklyn NY. Well not quite as average you think... each one of them have powers but it's not like they are going too go out fighting crime or anything. Until now...

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A boy, a dad, and their odd moments. 2009 featured comic :D

Jake Takeum is off on his journey to become the next Pokemon Master! Or so he thinks. Does this failure at life have what it takes to become the next Master? Or will his stupid luck be what carries him through to the top?

I once had this comic post guest comics for 4 years straight, that's how good I am at this comic thing WICKED

it about pokemon lol

no description

It's grand! It's epic! It's horribly cliched! Coming at least four times a week, RPG Quest is the epic tale of one inept adventurer, a mismatched group of warriors, a dark ruler bent on destruction, and a truly life-changing quest. Probably.

Shiina is weird and Steve is smart. Also I've been told that oftentimes cows appear.

Comics by The Canadian Marmot. Random as all Hell. That is if Hell was more like 100 rabid squirrels in a small box with a badger thrown in. Entropy is fun. ~Alex and Ryan

Venture through Natalie's life as she has her twists and turns, ups and downs.


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KevinClifford at 4:51PM, Aug. 1, 2009

You could just contact one of the admins and tell them your age, or so. (Also, it's not possible you made this when you were 12 and now be 17, DD crashed and lost all of it's data in 2006, that wasn't even 3 years ago.)

KevinClifford at 2:52PM, July 31, 2009

Also, I just noticed the question on your page (Which says to PQ you, but that's impossible) so I'll answer it here, get this: [url][/url] <- It's the only one worth money~

KevinClifford at 2:48PM, July 31, 2009

lol ...wait for it... wut [quote=Tanman2]Yeah I found the leprechaun on google. :/ Here:[/quote] When do you turn 13 so I can actually PQ you..?

chaosflame24 at 7:42PM, July 13, 2009

:O You're alive? :D ...I inspired you to make comics? :O Hawt.

KevinClifford at 6:13PM, June 12, 2009

Evidently I still can't PQ you sooooooo~ [quote=Tanman2]Here's your guest comic! [img][/img][/quote] ...wat? How does that have any relevance to me or my comic at all? :[ (You can delete this comment or not approve it if you want, just either post your reply in my profile comments or send me another PQ.)

KevinClifford at 8:22PM, Sept. 1, 2008

Just go with pizza O;

Shadow99 at 1:03PM, Nov. 20, 2007

I wish you would tell me witch 1 I got wrong.

sonic2005 at 5:48PM, Oct. 17, 2007

funny cats made me almost die of laughing

Doggeh5775 at 11:18AM, June 17, 2007

Are u gonna make another comic? I think you should!

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