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Ive been described as a mixture of Mel Gibson, Jonathon Swift and three week old milk. But that was by a homeless man who told me I had magic shoes and that I was the only hope to stop Regionalisation.

Essentially Im a typical teenager who dislikes schoolwork and likes hanging out with his friends so tried to invent a machine to turn homework into friends but found this process so time consuming it was taking to long and decided to halt development on the device and then build a time machine instead on which production is slow because of the assumption that if a time machine is built the future me would already have gone back in time to save me the effort.

I like long sentences.


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Super-Biased Man appears to be an everyday very weird man who wont wear pants because of his rational fear of them, shoots first and shoots again later, but in fact he is all of those things, except a man, he is actually the leader of a superhero team.

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This comic follows BB, a normal highschool student that happens across strange adventures and even stranger friends. It will draw you in with it's cute cartoonish style then smack your head up with it's intense action, drama, and questionable romance

A Mysterious Virus Breaks out, and the infected Mutate. Stickman, and Bob are caught up in the middle of a Viral outbreak, with not long to go until the area is "cleansed" . Will they survive the virus, and more importantly, the night?

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nogimic at 8:44PM, April 27, 2008

Hoping to see your web comic soon :D

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