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What should i write here hmm?

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  • last: July 7 2011 |
all of dragonballz characters fight in a super smash tournament.
  • Fantasy |
  • 2 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
A tournament featuring all Fire Emblem Characters.
  • Fantasy |
  • 28 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
What happen after megaman 7 the story of clashman.
  • Fantasy |
  • 0 pages |
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Megaman as usual protecting the world from evil.
  • Fantasy |
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What happened after megamanzero 4.
  • Fantasy |
  • 5 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
My story.
  • Fantasy |
  • 2 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Story about broly return.

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A comic about 8Bit Video Game characters!


What do you do when you're young and hopelessly nerdy? You live it up! Follow the adventures and misadventures of a group of geeks and freaks: the punk, the gamer, the dj, the hipie, and the otaku. Definately not your average manga.

What REALLY happened in the Megaman games? After Protoman defected and ran away Dr. Wily created Robot Master 00 V2 Altimas. Altimas' whereabouts are unknown as of the after the 5th MM game. The question is... what happened after the 5th MM game?

the first Altimatium

Imagine a world in which your favorite manga and anime characters are all fighting against each other. In the world of Animania, an evil warlord takes control of the earth and tries to enslave all of humanity. Only the rebels can stop him now.

Anime collisions is my comic series of sprites, my first series is aimed on Naruto.

A world full of anime characters who will battle.So wich side will you join?

A reploid activates itself with an unknown personality matrix under the employ of Sigma. Will he become one of Sigma's greatest warriors, or something else entirely?

A comic about everyone's favorite pirate-themed 80s supergroup, Adam & the Ants!

Join the adventures of Trevor, his demonic roommate Susie, his girlfriend Laura, & their attempts to thwart the misdeeds of the evil Gnome King, and Charlie - the poltergeist that lives in Trevor's apartment. Pop-culture references & satire abound.

Life with Blood

Bomberman! Yes, Bomberman! A Great Game... Now a Comic!!This comic is about how White, Black, Blue and Red and the adventures they go through. Read them now!

The true power of broly is shown here!

The story of the Ultimate Lifeform working with the Ultimate Warrior to recollected the chaos emeralds before the very universe is destroyed. Plus there's the occasional chao!

A super-powered vampire with pirate-related PTSD accidentally starts collecting friends like a crazy cat lady collects strays, and they all live in a cabin in the woods.

The first month of classes is all orientation anyway

The classic tale of heroes traveling through time to stop their worlds destruction... but much funnier!

Drunk Duck artists, interperating each others work.

A sentient being appears and teaches people.

Top friends make up the main cast. Other friends appear in it, just not as often. A girl had feeling for her guy friend, but never told him. After 6 years of being alone, she finds Drunk Duck, her old friends.........and her crush.

Leotards rule! Dasien is a superhero in the classic sense. Fun costume. Cool powers. Tons of action. Throw in some relationship drama and kinky humor, and you have Dasien! Superhero girly goodness!

Bass returns to rid the world of the great Megaman once and for all but before he can he needs a little help.

My first naruto doujinshi about my fav characters from this manga. Awesome adventures in Hidden Sound Village. Love, friendship, hatred, treachery...

A fanfic with the characters of the DBZ universe plus customs

no description

all of dragonballz characters fight in a super smash tournament.

Ever want a college for gamers? Ever want classes for the 1337 impaired? Well we want a unicorn, life sucks like that.

Our story start with a group of friends discover this mysterious card game .They soon figure that this is more then a card game. After they recieve a mysterious cards they find themselfs stuck in a world that they are destined to save. Will they succeed?

Ever in the deadest of night find out that you have a dark side. Im hoping this comic will bring out mine. This is a first for me and im just hoping it wont completley suck.

A Sonic Sprite comic about 3 friends adventures through a new Exteel world.

What if FF got more modern like 2009 modern fallow four teens as thay find out there extinct Power

A mysterious portal opened randomly in Final Fantasy worlds and took random people. Now Cloud, Rinoa, Luneth, and others must find their way back home before the main bad guy destroys their worlds.

Polyphemus, a tiny one eyed ogre and the son of the great Poseidon, embarks on an epic journey across dimensions on an aimless quest to avoid his past. But the watchful eye of his father and many other forces hinder his only desire, escape.

The sequel to Gaming Nintendo.

no description

We have no need for your 'descriptions'! We see them for what they are! They are just there to steal our souls! Well too bad! You can't have our souls!

Mario has been the hero of good for many years. But what happens when his father dies, and leaves the family business too him?Watch as Mario goes from a good Italian plumber,to a hardcore Italian Godfather.Story and art by, aka Poonipoonz.

Life with a bunch of ninja's, what else is there to know

Jake, an ornery jackrabbit with a mysterious past, tries to be a superhero, and unfortunately for everyone, succeeds. Kind of.

All your favorite Jump heroes and villians going at it for the world title, but is their an evil conspiracy under it all? Click and find out! And post while you're their.

This comic is about a mix with Naruto and Kingdom hearts that they destroy the ultimate organization.

based off the game "kirby and the amazing mirror" with some twists of my own updated whenever i'm at my mom's house(not much) when i'm there = mass production of episodes

Kirby: Fight For Dreamland(FFD) A Kirby action comic that shows the more serious side of Kirby.

What happens when Kirby meets FF4? A lot of things. Yet somehow, I manage to find a way to tie things together so it makes sense. The main characters of FF4 find themselves in Kirby's world, and evil has followed them. This isn't your usual Kirby comic.

this is the story of the game kirby super star....with some twists of my own, ep.1-125 have already been made and are a few months old

A remake of my old comic, Kirby Supah Star

This is my comic that has FFVII,Sonic-based,and Megaman-based charaters.

well its not really a comic, more a animated series. its based of naruto and my custom characters

Fantasy adventure story about a teenage boy who gets stuck in an world he doesn't belong. Whats even stranger is that he has sprouted elven ears.

The crazy (and mostly random) lives of two brave Green Earth soldiers, in a war against Blue Moon.

It's baaack. This time, LITV that's place in the Sonic world. What would happen if all the Sonic characters, old and new, alive, dead, or seaed in a rock(COUGHTikalCOUGH), lived under one roof! Let's find out!

The tales of what happens to Megaman and Co. outside of the games.

Louder Than Bombs is a comic that can be inane, humourous, and even disturbing. You really take your good days with the bad days. It's our take on the world and how we take on the world all while being ourselves, being: Louder Than Bombs.

Mario is in trouble. Mutants , intergalactic travel, thieves, and of course Cackletta are causing trouble and he and some green guy have to save the day once again.

no description

What happen after megaman 7 the story of clashman.

Megaman is in Grave danger... All the baddies come back from thier deletions and all team up on Mega.. Will Lan,Mega,and thier friends survive the horrible twist, or will they all suffer? Find out by watching the comic!

A journey to search for the past and living for the future

Watch out for Megaman and Ken as they try to stop the evil Dr. Wily... Or so it seems.

In the time of event of the star force cronicals something much bigger was happening.

This story starts as Zero Dies at Ragornot...

What happened after megamanzero 4.

after the events of mega man zero4, life was back to normal..until a distress signal came form a old space station....

A place to put jokes and stuff I didn't put in Megaman Zero.

a MMZ comic. you can say MMZ5 if you want

Megaman ZX Forgotten Memories

its 2 years after the events of Megaman ZX. New Biometals start appearing as well as old enemys. This comic is made by me, Tark, and Dragon Zero

A comic where two idiots will meet and cause a lot of trouble for the Authors as they try to bring some sence into their world.

Samus on her next big mission! Updates Monday and Thursday...usually.

This ain't your granddaddy's sprite comic.

One year after the death of Wiel, Zero has vanished, leaving the newly reconstructed Elpizo and the 3 Guardians to fight a new evil in his absence.

He IS da' Teach! YO!

what happens when the beloved hero of the mushroom kingdom is murdered, and some one is hired to find out who did it.

Set in an alternate universe with famous heroes and super-villans, a group of the strongest set out on what may be one of the most epic sprite comics ever!

no description

A exe sprite comic with navis from 3 forums.

Night School: Kojo Academy It is midnight, do you know where your kids are? Well if you are a creature of the night, they should be in Night School!

This a short series based on parodies of the nintendo and sega characters. It also has some guest appearances by other memorable characters such as Master Cheif, Spawn, and Dante( devil may cry).

The World of NUL, taking Video Game Endings To a New Level. The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Mario Bros. and many MANY more video games shall come together in this Epic Adventure. Now: On Hiatus. Hope to be back SOON! -May 2011-

Sonic and Tails have grown bored of living in the country and have decided to move to the city, at least that's what Sonic decided. Warning: Contains Magi, demonic landlords, a crazy green guy, and suffering, lots and lots of suffering.

When great power is promised to one of two prince brothers, terrible things can happen.

Megaman was designed to feel emotions, but what if he couldn't handle them? What if he was terrified of an enemy, realized he was no better than one, or even broke the laws of robotics? Updated once a week.

Sequel to the Rebellion: The Revival. This story is an alternate universe fiction, design to be as Capcom flavored as possible.

The story of two fellows who are destined to blow up the ocean or die trying.

Jake Takeum is off on his journey to become the next Pokemon Master! Or so he thinks. Does this failure at life have what it takes to become the next Master? Or will his stupid luck be what carries him through to the top?

Join May, a beginning trainer, and her two new friends, Hayley and Taylor, as they travel through the Kanto region in hopes of May fulfilling her dream of becoming a Pokemon Coordinator Master!

A thrilling story of an ambitious trainer and his non- Pokemon partner as they must save the Pokemon world from chaos.

Join Brendan and and May as they venture through Kanto on their Pokemon journey.

The Fire PoKeMoN are now in critical danger.Meet up with Charizard, the leader. He is the one who suffered the most. Read more about this in my brand new comic.

My story.

I once had this comic post guest comics for 4 years straight, that's how good I am at this comic thing WICKED

Two teams go to war while a few trainers try to catch, train, battle Pokemon and gym leaders but also survive.

Right now in the story: (Changes every week) 100TH PAGE COMING SOON!! It seems like the end for misdreavus, but something has given him the edge, who or what is it? Nothing else going on with the other guys...

Josh is not your average trainer. He could care less about Pokemon!

Steve and his mate Scott try to save Kanto from danger, but surely they can't save a whole region?

pichupika: The adventures of Lonnie, Keeah, and nEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walrus: The adventures of Lonnie Keeah and Neal as they travel through the Kanto with a Pikachu, a Poke'mon with Moltres intrapped inside him.

This is a PoKeMoN comic based on the Fire Red/Leaf Green series but told at a different perspective

I'm trying something different here. Care to watch?

What starts out to be a cliche pokemon adventure, quickly turns into a battle to protect Kanto when it could've been taken over by Team Rocket when a single event changes from the orginal story...

Three people who dont know eachother come together and work as a team with one goal: to take out the evil pokemon organization, Team Raven.

Someone has created what is, quite possibly, the most powerful creature in history . . . only to have it accidentally set loose on our unsuspecting world. Time travel, alternate realities, aliens, wars, magic, and bikinis ensue. Fun!

A sprite comic based on Fire Emblem (7). The travels and adventures of a dysfunctional group of fighters.

Various things occur in this... I don't know yet.

A Red vs Blue Comic

A couple of months after the deletion of NebulaGrey, Netto and RockMan have peaceful days once again. However, a new organization would try to interrupt those days, but with what goal?

My first comic

Ryosaki(Ryo)embarks on many missions as a young Genin, facing many hardships along the way, even running into the old characters from Naruto, which are now adults and have settled down. UPDATES Fri-Sun

An anthology title featuring the characters of The Legacy Hero Universe!

Emily carroll is a seven teen year old girl who moves to a beautiful beachside town in Japan. when wandering the beach at night, she catches the attention of a group of boys who name the mysterious girl "Sex on the Beach"

A kirby comic about 5 unlikly friends and a stupid sherbet loving freak! (Main character is the mudkip kirby: Shadic

The shenanigans of Smash Brother's characters.

Sonic's on college... WITH SHADOW AS HIS ROOMMATE?! (this story is not in Another Sonic Comic's Storyline)

This is seriously Sonic gone bad. Sonic and Eggman try to overcome each other.

Sonic and friends get sent to the Megaman universe. Dr.Eggman follows them and teams up with Dr.Wily. Now Megaman and Sonic must team up to defeat the doctors and everyday life.

If you can't tell by the title this is a sprite comic. You need a kick in the ass.

This is the spriter's club comic.

Stick Figures do things. Brevity.

A sprite comic using sprites from Street Fighter III. All characters are owned by capcom, and are only in use as a fan work.

SUPAH NARIO BROTHERS! it's like naruto but it's not. it's more like mario, but not really. it's just...oekaki parody crap! as seen at

It's Super Mario World, Only SMW was Never like This! Oh wait, yes it was.

The Ghostly spirit has taken control of Bowser and it's up to Mario and Luigi to save the Mushroom Kingdom from destruction.

A tournament/story based around the super smash bros game series.

a tournament that is hopefully big

Fighting with Smash bros. charicters and others. I accept people who want to join and stuff so come on read it

A "Nintendo's Untold Legends" Spin-off featuring the bizarre universe Takira has found and has made her vacation home... Until her friends (and some annoyances) show up.

Second Sprite comic. This is the story of what happened after the Legend of Zelda the Fou Sword

the adventures of tenzo(my character) and the characters of mobius

Dr. Light and Dr. Wily create an interdimensional portal that allows a magi-priest of a dark god into thier world. What happens next? Well you'll need to read and find out.

sprite comic on mega man or Megaman or rockman battle network. Most of the custom sprites are by me. It is the story of a new criminal organisation called the Delettion against Mega man and his friends and a new do-gooders organisation called the Moon.

This will be Remade in Nintendo's Untold Legends...

Taking place during the Megaman Zero series, this comic revolves around X, Harpuia, Fafnir, Leviathan, Phantom, and Zero. If you don't like sprite comics, then DON'T click the thumbnail.

"Giant" Gold Bomber's team attempts to protect Planet Bomber from impending doom. Better start praying for them.

The Megaman of the future!

Sprite comics are already stolen... So why not steal them?

When the city's heroes vanish on a mission, five teenagers must ban together to become Eastgate's newest defenders! When The Hero Force goes off-world to battle The Unified Mind, the responsibility of defending the city is left to these young heroes.

Its about a caveman called Thog and what happens when he runs into some aliens...

A megaman series(all) based comic, about the various megaman series eventually leading up to a battle with that which sunk Atlantis!

Shadow Dweller's and Claymond's journey

In this sprite comic I'll be reinacting my top 10 fave DBZ fights in sprite form. Current Fight: Z-Fighters vs. Saiyans

It's another Mario Vs. Bowser Comic, but not only Luigi is helping him but some of Bowser's own minions!

A sonic that involves action, comedy, and constantly hurting sonic

Bio-humans made for military purposes set their own way in order to stop a sadistic tyrant from making more of their kind and from gaining the ultimate dictatorship across the world.

no description

Ultimate X, where what we did was take your normal, everyday letter X, pump him full of drugs and booze, sex him up some and chuck on a fine pimp hat.

Strange things have started happening in the local cemetery since Fernando Fritz rose from his grave... could this zombie be the cause of all the weirdness, or does it just follow him? Updates every 13th of the month!

Fred takes a turn for the worst when he ends up in the pokemon world. Really he has no idea whats happening but soon becomes the clueless hero. Remade in DD. Most strips in SJ.

WarriorBorn is an action comic told through the eyes of the main character Eclipse. During a mission gone wrong Eclipse was led to believe that his mentor had died. He quit being a superhero...until troubles around him caused him to fight again.

Collections of random sprites stuck in a random storyline

The life of a wolf named Ra'zac and, sometimes, his brother, Katangu. Plrase note that this comic is nothing but randomness.

Meet Wonkedo DePest, an impish and idiotic dunzoid (from Dunzoia; go figure.) that refuses to stay out of trouble! What will he do next? What won't he do next? Read and find out!

X, Axl and Zer0 are three S-Rank Maverick hunters. But what do they do when they aren't fighting Mavericks? Whether it's drinking coffe, or Zer0's latest plot to kill Axl, it's never dull around base!

What happens when the world is invaded by robotic aliens in the middle of a war in year 3024?

Yoshi learns about his future, and attempts to create a evil empire to destroy Mario. Only T cause I say Crap, and gay and crap like that...

It's between tournaments, so Ken and Ryu have nothing to do except try to pick up the ladies. While they may not be as young as they used to be, their adventures prove that they are still young studs!

One last hope: Zero!

First entering the zombie infested game, Zeke believes that he is only playing for his enjoyment, but he will soon find out that the game has dark and powerful secrets that may change his life.


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Same to you, I'll be sure to check out all your comics.

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Nice comics!

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Thank you for recommending all my comics ç§Âã®ã‚³ãƒŸãƒƒã‚¯ã‚’すべて推薦するためにありがとう Ð’Ñ‹ для Ñ€екомендоваÑ‚ÑŒ все мои комиксы Merci de recommander toutes mes bandes dessinées Gracias por recomendar todos mis tebeos 谢谢推荐所有我的漫ç”»

DavynD at 6:33PM, Aug. 24, 2008

Hey, thanks for the add! Nice comics.

leeuwen12 at 3:51AM, July 9, 2008

I love your dbz comic!

Renga Studio at 8:05PM, June 16, 2008

Hi, Super Rage! Thanks for adding me! Also--! WHOA! =O That is the LONGEST list of recommended comics I have ever seen on this site! Oh! Also, thanks for recommending my comic! :)

VinceLikesRooster at 8:25PM, June 13, 2008

zomgzomgzomgzomgyoufavedbothofmycomicsandtheyarealsobothontherecommendinglist!Youarethesecondpersontodothatsofarmesohappy! I bet you can't decipher that >:)

shortjokes at 7:30AM, May 31, 2008

i don't know you but wasup! and thanks for the add and reccomendation!

Miss Annoying at 8:08PM, May 30, 2008

Hi! ^_^ I see you recommended my comic :D

jcys810 at 8:07PM, May 25, 2008

Thanks forthe add

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tanx 4 teh +!!!1!

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Lord Shplane at 8:49AM, April 26, 2008

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Black Daisy at 1:28PM, April 24, 2008

U recommended my comic............... OMFG!I'MSOEXCITED!

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