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Cheesecake for Everyone!
It's my moto,everyone needs a little sweetness in life and I hope my sugary-sweet comics will give you some of that sweetness!
All of my comics contain LGBT+ themes, if you don't like that then don't read.

Case 1313666:Blind and Blue
One of four stories in the seriesI've been working on Blind and Blue since April of 2009 and it's finally done!
Thank you all for reading!


(I'M BAAAAAAACK! After nearly a year long on-and-off break Cheesecake is finally read to release a new comic! With a new style, a new genre and a new story to share of course!)
Mermaid Sushi
Oh man, a LOT of writing had to go into this story to make it the quality it needs to be (heck I'm still sorting out my scribbled notes from sketch books and note books scattered around my room and on my phone and computer)
But it'll be worth it, I have a gut feeling that it's gonna be my best comic yet and I hope you'll get to share that feeling with me!

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-FINISHED- Boy's Love! (Gay relationship romance) Caecus (Case) woke up one morning to find that he was completely blind. He's picked on by the school bully, and things aren't so great. Fortunately for Case, he finds a friend - and eventually a boyfriend - in the new kid, Darryl, and together they make it through the things life throws at them.
  • Abstract |
  • 4 pages |
  • last: Nov. 12 2011 |
You know when you're at the movies and there's always that wall of posters for movies that haven't come out yet? This is like that but for comics I plan to make. Have your say in which ones you want to see first!

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