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You may or may not have heard yet, but XAZ is having a contest! Remember to read the rules and regulations in the description of page 40 on DeviantArt! And remember! The contest closes at the end of April, so get crackin!

Akakami is up and running! Be aware, due to the once-a-week update, the plot will be a little slow. Bear with it please. ^^; I simply do not have the time in amongs work to update more than once a week atm. Updates are every Wednesday.

XAZ is as wildly popular as ever, and its getting even better after its visual facelift! xD Updates are *officially* Mondays, but really I update it whenever I goshdarn feel like it. x3

And dont forget to check out my DA at for more art and mental garbage. xD

3 Steph

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What do you do when you're young and hopelessly nerdy? You live it up! Follow the adventures and misadventures of a group of geeks and freaks: the punk, the gamer, the dj, the hipie, and the otaku. Definately not your average manga.
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X, Axl and Zer0 are three S-Rank Maverick hunters. But what do they do when they aren't fighting Mavericks? Whether it's drinking coffe, or Zer0's latest plot to kill Axl, it's never dull around base!

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Chapter 8 "Blood of the Gods"! Will a group of college friends be able to find and rescue a one time acquaintance? Ended

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Black Daisy at 8:21AM, May 27, 2008

Kick ass, I'm a friend! Yo Steph, That's the end. Enjoy!

soulcelshade at 6:19AM, March 19, 2008

hello! great comics, awesome art!

Neilak20 at 2:49PM, Dec. 17, 2007

Sup? ^_^

WTHecksicle at 3:30PM, Nov. 25, 2007

Thanks for adding me!

18903 at 1:46PM, Nov. 23, 2007

hey steph how's my favorite comic artist? <3

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