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Hello =^.^=

Just a girl who loves shoujo-ai N Yuri I mean come on who doesnt love girls touching each other and all exotic ways and the moaning

-cough- anyway who i know whats on your mind yes i am gay XD homo rules the world!!!!!

i live in the usa
im going to college
im afro-american who wouldnt mind asian Spices in my life -wink wink-
( In other words i want an asian GIRL XD lol)

I am and will always be A ROCKER

who listen to some j-pop (just start listening to it)

I LOVE Maaya Sakamoto SONGS god shes a good song writer

i recently picked up my first skateborad and fell on my butt alot lol but its still fun trying to learn on my own

so now im a skater girl =^.^=

im a writer i really write alot of poetry maybe i post one up with my manga ;P

LOL anyway im learning to draw and it going great i will soon be making weekly posts on both of my manga esp. cherry blossom

LOL some people probably thinks its dead but no worry IT WIIL LIVE!!!!!! lol but i wouldnt mind co-drawers ^.^

anyway enjoy the comics and update will be coming soon

if you are instested contact me using an instant messager or email
Msn ID:
((friends im me to im mostly on there ^-^))

Comics By Solude

  • Real Life |
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its just showing my life moments i thought where funny also my thought on some things
  • Fantasy |
  • 7 pages |
  • last: July 7 2011 |
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its basically a shoujo-ai/yuri comic if you dont like this then dont read

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"Live in your world, and get the Hell out of ours!" When two hapless girls fall into FF7, it's up to them to get along with their new life, new neighbors, and all the rules of the game. Except, it might not be them who has it the hardest...

This is a lesbian/Yuri comic. If you got something against it you should NOT READ THIS. The pirate girl Angel finds out she got feelings from one of her roommates in the crew, but worst; This roomate is a girl. Second; She already got a boyfriend.

Chris was never really good with her words or her relationships. But when she stumbles upon a cute girl in her trash one night..well, she just became a bit more tongue tied.

*[Contains/Beware: Shoujo-ai, GL love, BADLY planned out, I DRAW ON LAPTOP >.>]* ( you've been W@RNED!! :]] ) About a girl having feelings towards another girl. O.O Love triangle? or a love squaure? O_o;;; wtf... o.o

Boobs Ahoy! centers mainly around two carefree lesbian pirates out to do nothing more than sleep with as many women as possible and have a good time. Pirates, Lesbian, Yuri, Nerdy Humor.

Meet Deys, a social outcast who seems to do anything to keep being unpopular. But when she meets Mia, Deys thrusts herself into the dangerous world of "breaking".

Caggage's cute exterior hides a surreal, manic depressive variety show drawn from haunted nightmare visions and general malaise. It features two little guys, an orange thing and a squidkitten.

Devils, angels, and the mortals they influence. Warning: Lesbian/yuri/shoujo-ai, perversion, and naughty language ;D Be Roxxy's friend at

The adventures of my girls; two gun-toting lesbian space pirates in a world where "god" is The Creator (which would be me), the characters are aware of it, and anything can happen.

It's about lesbians! What's not to love?

The cute lesbian anthology.

This is a romance story between two girls. A young Sand Knight named Beverly must protect the princess Terra Rose on her terrible quest. As Beverly spends more time protecting the princess, the more she realizes that there's something more there...

A driven perfectionist and an ambitionless slacker. Love? You'll say it's not going to happen. I'll tell you otherwise. -j u x t a p o s e [a GL comic]-

Shoujo-ai/Yuri.. Romance/Comedy The story of Sam, an universitary girl that loves flirting with everybody, but she learn the lesson when Lia, a high school girl who loves Sam, kidnap her! and the story beggings.......

L'amour Tabou is a story of forbidden love between a fox and a rabbit in an almost 18th century setting.

"A wish... a wish from the deepest part of my heart..." Not many dolls are born with souls upon their creation, but the little clown doll Pierrot was somehow special enough to have one... and even fall in love. Shoujo-ai/yuri/lesbian themes.

[Shoujo-Ai/Yuri, Het] On their way to a bartering port, the S.S.Ulysses airship stumbles upon the strangest of castaways. Pulled onto a pirate ship, what's a ninja to do? [Rated 18+ for language, suggestive themes, and probably nudity. xP]

**-After hiding her relationship with Amy for years, Shanna is found out by Layla- a girl renowned at school for her insane 'vigilante justice'. Shanna must keep Layla from telling her secret--but how? [keywords:yuri, lesbian, gl, romance, shoujo-ai]

no description

Currently also hosted on, formerly hosted on, and now hosted on DrunkDuck! I hope you enjoy.

Sarah is a fairly ordinary person who just wants to lead a quiet life but seems to have a habit of getting herself into extremely complicated situations! Contains themes of an LGBT nature.

A romantic comedy revolving around four lesbians and the people around them as they befriend, love, hate, and generally live their strange lives together.[WARNING] (This series may be YURI, but it will have some YAOI sprinkled in.)

Eve, a girl with amnesia, lives in a small house with the most annoying room mate in the world. Throw in bad puns, identical twins, and a bishie obsessed with love, and you can see why Testing Eve is not only funny, but also too true for comfort.

A girl with mysterious powers is admitted to a mental hospital. Is she telling the truth about where she disappeared to the last year, or is it some insane story her twisted mind has made up?

A tale of how an ordinary half demon girl, her two gay best friends a cat boy and an angel, fights to save the world and blah blah blah... love, fighting, demons, angels, and cat boys **warning contains: shoujo, lots of butt kickings, yaoi, yuri**

When a young attourney hits her stride, opening her first firm and an engagement to the woman of her dreams, one act of misplaced trust sends her down a path of darkness that puts the stregnth of her heart to the test. :Lesbian Content: and vampries! oooh

Gwen, a young and upcomming star of the fencing community is on her way to the olympics. With one fatal slip up she finds herself being thrown into an adventure that crosses time its self. ::warning:: There is lesbian content and strongish language.

Ezra was the kind of person that never looked at long term relationships and instead did one night stands. Until she fell in love at first site, but her love was just the same, as well and left after she got what she wanted. Can Mily fix Ezra's heart?

dead comic


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Scheiden at 4:30PM, Oct. 16, 2008

Guess who finally managed to upload a page? YEY! Thanks for the comment on my comic too ^^ It is highly appreciated.

Flamingbunz at 6:09PM, Oct. 11, 2007

xD Where you got that hot avatar? >:[ YOU LOSER YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU HAV A HOT AVATAR LIK THAT! >:[

Flamingbunz at 3:20PM, Aug. 9, 2007

Smexii <3

Flamingbunz at 4:20PM, Aug. 8, 2007

Idk~~!! xDDD I just read your details. And you needed a drawer? :3 I'll try. (Only anime I can do.)

Flamingbunz at 3:44PM, Aug. 8, 2007

Drawer? I can draw,but.. I draw on laptop which I totally suck~ No mouse! I own w/ mouse! xD

Flamingbunz at 2:16PM, Aug. 8, 2007

'Ey! I saw your gaia account!! XDD It'z very cute!! I barely made my Gaia-Online account, Like yesterday! xDD So I'll add you! o.o I'm Triple-Love :P

Flamingbunz at 2:16PM, Aug. 7, 2007

15~~! :p i'V pl@ying @round g@i@-online ^0^

Flamingbunz at 5:10PM, Aug. 6, 2007

OMG! YOU LOOK PRETTYY!!!!!! [NO LIES] I hope you believe me!! :[[ BTW how old r u? :3 I'll tell u mines if u tell me urs!!

Flamingbunz at 1:36AM, Aug. 6, 2007

I couldn't see ur photo o.o INTERNET HATES MEEE!!!! Dx Oh & I don't have a camera so I can't show my pic to you!! X_X :(

finalfantasyfreak_07 at 12:42PM, Aug. 4, 2007

Yeaaaah, BALTIMOOORE! XD *waves a lighter* That'd be funny if I walked past you at Otakon. Say, which comic are you looking for drawers, anyhoo? Or, both?

Flamingbunz at 2:50AM, Aug. 4, 2007

;-; didn't showed up ;-; *sniff* <3 You don't need to send it to me if you don't feel like it. :P I ,for one, is VERY shy to show photos of myself. Even though people keep calling me sexy,hot,pretty! >.< I'LL NEVER SHOW ANYONE!!NEVER!! Dx

Flamingbunz at 12:23AM, Aug. 4, 2007

Y@Y ^0^ Pic! Pic! <33 :P

finalfantasyfreak_07 at 12:07AM, Aug. 3, 2007

Yes indeedy, I live in Baltimore, or should I say, "Balmore, Mrlyn"? I find myself lapsing into the accent sometimes. ^^; ...Geez, it's late. XD *wanders to bed* I'll figure out some more if I have enough free time for a guest comic or to do a page for ya'...

Flamingbunz at 3:15PM, Aug. 2, 2007

XD! *hugglez <3* Ooo I would lov to zee @ pic of u <3 :3 <3333

finalfantasyfreak_07 at 1:39PM, Aug. 2, 2007

Hey, thanks for leaving a comment so soon. I noticed you faved my comic...and you like shoujo-ai/ in Kannazuki no Miko...and are potentially Asian? I'm only half myself, but since it sounded like you were my twin separated at birth, I thought, "Let's be friends!" XD If you still need drawers, I could do a guest comic or two. Best of luck to ya'.

Flamingbunz at 2:35PM, July 30, 2007

Oooo! Yeh!! Mozt of my couzinz r pretty/cute/hot/zexii!! XDDD!!! rofl Your @zn too? :3 well, i ztill zuck @t dr@wing XDD!!

vi___wong at 9:34PM, July 29, 2007

Yay new friend indeedy. HEY! you need co-drawers?!?! does it matter that I'm in GA? Because I love to help.. ^^

Flamingbunz at 6:31PM, July 29, 2007

YE@H!!!!! ^^ !!! i cn't type the LETTER @ or $ Dx Yup, @zn rulez XDD !!! xDD Y@Y WE H@V THINGZ in common XDD <333 do u dr@w? ?_? :]

Flamingbunz at 3:37PM, July 26, 2007

o.o i'm girl >:] [ girlz rulez :P ] juz forget wht i zed :PPP

Flamingbunz at 1:29PM, July 24, 2007

rofl!! i figure out it waz u ^_^ solude <3 in youtube :P i'm a boy,becauze i waz watching dn angel and i was a big fan of it,but now i aint. so that'z why name iz DaisukeTheFallen :P

Flamingbunz at 12:34AM, July 22, 2007

shoujo-ai <3 [sorry o.o; i talk to much lol]

Flamingbunz at 12:31AM, July 22, 2007

ooooo i love kannazuki no miko <3

Flamingbunz at 12:30AM, July 22, 2007

HEy hey!!!! I like your webcomic!! [1st webcoomic: very random and funny (made me lol :P)] and [2nd webcomic: is VERY interesting :DDDDD!!!!]

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