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Hey there kiddos! Its meee~! Im Shippo-no-Neko, author of the comic Doodles in Time, as you can see in the little icon over in the upper right hand corner. Im fourteen, blood type A, and Im a Leo! My hobbies include drawing, chatting on forums, sewing, and looking at other peoples pretty art @w@;; Anyway, you can check my deviantart here:

Questions? Comments? Fanart? PQ me or shoot me an email at:


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A cute magical girl comic (in color!) about a girl named Chibi! And all of her little friends. And they have magical items! And Fight bad guys! Weird, spazzy humor with lost of color and cute things! Yeah! Whoo!

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Anarchy 2090 is the most popular MMORPG of all time. It draws players in with its realistic graphics and amazeing game play... But what happens when a game becomes so realistic that it becomes reality?

Picture a world where there is a constant war between the Purovam and the Angels, and where unseen people. Like, in a vampire-esque fasion. In this world three teens will try to achieve their individual hopes and dreams.

The bits and pieces fo life about a group of college students who play games.

Mars couldn't believe it when his life long friend and crush asked him out. Naively entering into this relationship, he doesn't realize what is really going on. Can he handle the dark secret he is soon to find out. Oh yeah! Lots of yaoi-ness ensues!

Redd Rowzen was cursed with invisibility. As a result he is cut from the real world. When he discovers his power to become normal again, he's the new target of the 'dark hunters' invisibles who are after his life and ability. To live, Redd must master it.

A young woman enters into a school of high magic. Will she discover her potential as a Mage? Or is there another destiny for her?

We all have Dreams and Nightmares. But these Nightmares arent your average nightmares. Luckily the world has Del Salok,your not so average guy,with a not so average skill, to wake you from your not so average Nightmare.In short, hes your Nightmare's Cure.

Night School: Kojo Academy It is midnight, do you know where your kids are? Well if you are a creature of the night, they should be in Night School!


Welcome to the wonderful world of NPC! Where we don't give a crap about Heroes! updates when we can!

It's just a sweet romantic drama about making new friends and changing stubborn views and attitudes. ~ Shonen-ai / boyslove / yaoi / romance / drama ~

A comic for artists, by artists, possibly about artists. A new story for a new year.

SUPAH NARIO BROTHERS! it's like naruto but it's not. it's more like mario, but not really. it's just...oekaki parody crap! as seen at


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Kinuchio at 8:54AM, May 18, 2007

Thanks for adding me ^_^ Your comic is awesome, btw. I've been reading it for awhile, I just didn't comment.

gamemaster at 3:13PM, May 11, 2007

do you know how to use printer/scaner combo? i need to know how to use one.

gamemaster at 1:16PM, April 26, 2007

you are a great comic maker. i wish i could draw like you.

Tabby_Cat at 7:17PM, April 25, 2007

If ever you want me to do a filler page, don't hesitaite to ask. .. but please give me a bit of warning first :P >_>

Archangel at 9:41AM, April 25, 2007

Hello ^_^ I just wanted to say... uhm... well okay so I don't know what I wanted to say, so I'll just leave it at that.

Zolah at 2:37PM, April 24, 2007

Helloes Ship :3 Thank you for the friend add <3

Rina_ran at 8:47PM, April 23, 2007

Hey ya! I'm glad to see updates in DiT. ^_^

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