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'Sup dudes. I'm just a mediocre spriter with a passion for sprite comics, especially 8-bit ones and those that are loosely based on a game series I like. :D

If you wanna chat it up on Skype, lemme know by asking for my Skype handle privately!

Comics By ShadowScar Knight

  • Fantasy |
  • 3 pages |
  • last: April 13 2016 |
When mortals lose their blessings from the Eidolons, many societies fight to bring back their faith, while a select few remain linked to holy aid. Follow this new Final Fantasy adventure to regain the trust of the holy ones.
  • Fantasy |
  • 54 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
A fresh new start, Odell, a Black Mage/Blue Mage blend, sets out on adventure in the world of FF1 with several other cohorts to thwart evil! Along the way they make new friends, foes, and experience lots of mayhem and wackiness!
  • Fantasy |
  • 58 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Iah, an ambitious Mystic Knight woman, travels around the world to put ends to the senseless, greedy global wars caused by her corrupted sagacious Aelkeepean King, Balthasar, before everyone dies or Balthasar gains ultimate power, with friends helping.

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Comics Recomended By ShadowScar Knight

A comic about 8Bit Video Game characters!

What happens when you let ADD run a comic? Pretty much anything, really.

The story of a monkey; his brother, a goddess, and a frog living on an island where things go from weird to bizzare!

Imagine a world in which your favorite manga and anime characters are all fighting against each other. In the world of Animania, an evil warlord takes control of the earth and tries to enslave all of humanity. Only the rebels can stop him now.

Broken Reploid is a A.D.D. driven multi-attention getting cesspool of spriteful B.S. Follow Megaman and Elecman to...well no where. Call it a sprite comic jam between one author, or a crappy made comic, but BR should make everyone happy...eventually.

A super-powered vampire with pirate-related PTSD accidentally starts collecting friends like a crazy cat lady collects strays, and they all live in a cabin in the woods.

Sokuu Naav, a Black Mage Trainee, Wakes up in hell with amnesia. Join him on his journey to escape and Find out the secret to his Destiny.

20 years after the Crystal War and fall of the Shadow Lord, a new tale begins while an ever creeping shadow begins to sweep the lands. Updates Tuesday and Thursday, and sometime randomly.

On a cannibalistic planet where the inhabitants only food is each other, Saturno was on a losing streak in the survival of the fittest until he discovers the world of humans and creatures who want to become them.

A party of a fighter, mage, and rogue sit around, get drunk, launch cows, and kick all ass with amazing photoshop colors. All this and more in Dungeons and Dumbasses, It's DnD exactly like you've seen it before!

In the future, even machines will need an angel, and one girl is there to fill in that job position, her name is Angel Love; and her dream will cause a whole cyborg city to erupt into a massive gang war.

What happens when a bunch of girls with cliche names meet up? Adventure, Drama, Romance, Action, and Amazement all wrapped into one as one girl is destined to be the savior of their world that is soon to fall into chaos.

An 8-Bit Comic following a group of adventurers as they go on a quest to defeat evil...IN MY OWN SPECIALLY CREATED WORLD! With dragons, Dragon Knights, Mage Knights, Elemancers, and a cameo from Gilgamesh as Prince Gilgamesh, you'd be crazy to miss it!

A collection of short horror stories. Tragic tales of love and death told via the watchful eye of a mysterious narrator.

Starring Goemon and Ebisumaru! Gooey and Ebi are currently in a bind - they're out of money, and can't pay their rent! Wacky get rich quick schemes and funny dialogue ensue.

I'll just be uploading random GIFs a make, at random times.

This comic is dead, very dead. Never touching it again dead.

Sprite based comic, with original sprites! For real. Updated irregularly, but usually once or twice a week.

Mario has been the hero of good for many years. But what happens when his father dies, and leaves the family business too him?Watch as Mario goes from a good Italian plumber,to a hardcore Italian Godfather.Story and art by, aka Poonipoonz.

Life with a bunch of ninja's, what else is there to know

A boy, a dad, and their odd moments. 2009 featured comic :D

What happens when Kirby meets FF4? A lot of things. Yet somehow, I manage to find a way to tie things together so it makes sense. The main characters of FF4 find themselves in Kirby's world, and evil has followed them. This isn't your usual Kirby comic.

A remake of my old comic, Kirby Supah Star

Two very different people, being from different races, are forced to work together in a dire situation. They're stuck like that, and if they don't cooperate, they will both die. Would you put your life on the line for your one lifeline?

After the truth about her adoption is told and a string of weird dreams a girl named Lizzie sets out on a journey of self discovery.....It's more then she bargained for-

Follow Scott, A Twilight Mage, And Tom, A Purple Mage, through their time at Mage Academy.

Even 7 years after his father's death, Randy Miller has had a pretty tough life. Now, teaming up with his old friend Randy sets out to change the world forever with his new invention- a self aware robot. The only problem is his robot is... "different".

Pay no attention. None at all. Puns are not funny and you know this. Deep down in your mind, you know this. So run, run away from what you are ignoring if you did what was told to you previously, yes.

Follow the lives of a father named Neil and his seven-year-old son Ryan in this humorous strip. (enhanced version of the 2009 featured strip Jerk Wadz)

Night School: Kojo Academy It is midnight, do you know where your kids are? Well if you are a creature of the night, they should be in Night School!

The randomness from Nintendo games is shown in this one-liner comic. Many Nintendo games are shown, Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Warioware, and other awesome games made by Nintendo. There will not be licensed nintendo games in the comic. Enjoy the randomess

The adventures of Pilli a normal girl and her ex-boyfriend who is now a calavera doll

The story of two fellows who are destined to blow up the ocean or die trying.

The rethought and remastered Pokemon: Dominance of Earth.

The first (Successful)sprite comic of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platnium (To my knowing) most sprites are customs by me Tries to update every Mon, Wedns, an Friday.

Meet Curtis, a ordinary kid. Well, at least HE thinks so. He trains with his young Tryouge everyday in dreams of being the next Pokemon Gladiator champion! What is a Pokemon Gladiator champion you ask? Read and find out!

no description

With a vast world of Pokemon-filled extremes to explore, a new trainer named Tristan and his friends tackle the Pokemon Leagues head-on. He challenges the dangers of criminal organizations and the intensity of elimination rounds, and more...

For as long as both have existed, humans and the pokémon who accompany them have learned about themselves, the world, and each other by going on a journey (even if sometimes you have to be dragged along for the ride). The journey that begins with Bklcbkl (a naive human) and Nozo (an annoyed pikachu) leads to a grand intersection of journeys that will determine the fate of the future.

A comic about gamers and gaming, and a psycho PS2 that wants to take over the world.

Dulce and Sperro are strictly small-time bountyhunters living in the grinding poverty of the planet Kephas' capital city. When they're embroiled in a sinister plot, both discover that evading your enemies is hard, but evading your past is impossible.

A mean tempered Clefairy is exposed to a sunstone, and given the ability to speak. Using his new gift, he gets carried away and tries to take over the world.

no text, no speech, no words. everything that happens is open to your interpretation.

A SSB comic like no other :D

Life's a game! So live like it. Set in the world of gaming the Ace of Spade and the Ace of Diamond are two cards at the top of the deck. Watch as they struggle to survive in the high stakes life of gaming!

Two idiots and a cast of weird characters experiencing random crap in their everyday lives. *I am using the sprites to portray original characters that I thought up. This isn't a KH based comic.*

So there's this stickman, and this cube...

Mario has faced lands, worlds, and galaxies but not a war! Pick a side! Good Or Evil? Cameos wanted.

A tournament/story based around the super smash bros game series.

When Kirby's homeland is destroyed to an unbelievable extent, he searches for the power to avenge it. He will ask old friends, and maybe even old enemies, along with new ones, as well. This threat, Galacta Knight... Is even Kirby capable of beating him?

Captain Featherhat and Mister Fuzzy's adventures on the high seas! They'll be Pirates, Sea Monsters and Treasure all to be had... maybe...

JLA, Avengers, X-Men, Teen Titans and more!...

A sprite-based comic focusing around the events of Final Fantasy III(j) for the NES, which follows the adventures of 4 orphans.

A lone gamer in a night of boredom attempts to download emulators and games ILLEGALLY! The punishment is far more severe than most would imagine... CONTAINS LEWD PIXELS AND HARSH LANGUAGE!! Along with Loads of Laughs!

Whiny white kids fight eldritch horrors. Hilarity ensues.

An online game appears out of the blue known as The Game. Using 3D virtual reality software, the players gain a new kind of control to the video game. Millions of players begin to join from all over the world. And with this many players comes problems.

Gaelic, a shape shifting guardian with the ability to become a wolf, faces long forgotten trouble. Betrayed and wounded, hes cast to earth with his friends Hakune and Odina. With the support of a young earth woman, Maysume and a omega wolf, Abba, Gaelic finds that earth is more trouble then he was prepared for. As he is stranded on earth, he soon finds himself racing against time along with others back in the spirit realm as a long forgotten evil resurfaces.

Uncle Billy is a bearded badass who shoots Pokemon out of his crotch. This is his legend.

There are many deaths that face our heroic plumber. here are some of the ways we've lost Mario over the years. winner of the 2010 drunkduck awards for best parody/tribute comic.

A Pokemon Sprite Epic! Join Nate, a stranger to the world of Pokemon, as he finds himself in the middle of a Pokemon Poaching incident one night. The victim, a newborn Cubone now orphaned because it's mother was taken, is rescued by Nate. The two form a bond, and Nate vows to track down the people behind the poaching and take back Marowak. With the help of this years Pallet Prodigies, these two have quite the journey ahead of them!

In the kingdom of Cendar, magic is used for everything from cooking and cleaning to medicine and warfare. But recently, several people have been born without the ability to use magic or be affected by it. Eon is a young soldier tasked with protecting one of these "cursed children." He's certain it's another routine mission, but the secret behind the cursed children is one that could end his life.

Strange things have started happening in the local cemetery since Fernando Fritz rose from his grave... could this zombie be the cause of all the weirdness, or does it just follow him? Updates every 13th of the month!

Monkey rating 9/10 Fetus rating 2/10 Gansta rating 7/10 Almost as cool as a spork.


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