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-I live my life as I feel.
-Im a mess mentally emotionally.
-Im human.
-Im Atheist but I dont sit here argue how God doesnt exist.
-Im a woman.
-Im argumentative, defiant defensive.

Discuss, not dominate.
I dont mind others believing things different from what I do but dont try force me to see things only your way.

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A unique collection of Worlds, Characters & Extraordinary Adventures across Time and Space. Go to for NEW content. No longer posting on this site.

A delinquent accidentally kills the Grim Reaper. Teaming up with the Tooth Fairy, Kaye is cursed to experience life as the new Death. He must finish killing the Reaper's victims or turn into the Reaper himself.

Pinky TA is a diesel-punk comic set in an alternative version of the 20's. It features the sexy Pinky, war, blood, steel, and fire!

A Yuri; girl x girl love; lesbian; shoujo-ai. A girl with the odd hobby of sewing living monsters and there some argument if she is human or not. Now her world changes when an unlucky student comes to her school and she looks yummy. (A creepy-cute comic)

In the clash of superheroes and supervillains, a man's wife and daughter become collateral damage. In his despair, regret, and sense of responsibility, he creates humanity's last line of defense against the super-powered individuals dictating their fate.

A brilliant yet arrogant female PI returns from the grave to solve her own brutal murder. Pyschothriller noir.

Marylin has a fun job, and her job is Death. Follow her as she goes and makes a name for herself, wielding her cruel scissors of Death. Who can stand in the way of this murderous princess of Death?

Gangsters. Mercenaries. Public defenders. Ordinary people struggling to survive in an extraordinary future. They all have one thing in common: they all drink beer.

She's got music in her blood... and murder in her soul.


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