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Not many things to tell about myself. I'm 27 years old, I'm french and I work as a informatic technician.
My sprite comic, the idiotic odyssey was originally a french web comic published on a friend web site but I wanted to share it here, so I translated it the best I could. The original name is : L'odysse des bras casses, I wanted to translate it but I couldn't come with something better than the idiotic odyssey … Oh well, whatever!
Oh an important thing to know about me, I have a shitty humor (well that's what the other say) and I think you'll see it soon enough, but I wanted to warn you.

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A Megaman Sprite comic. Follow all Capcom's characters of the megaman serie in a funny (I hope) adventure that will lead them far from home. Will they be able to overcome everything in order to come back? Spoiler alert, they will. But that's not gonna be easy. Update every day ... Well at least I'll try. Special thanks to Darius Drake for his corrections.

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This ain't your granddaddy's sprite comic.

Never-seen adventures of Megaman and his surprising new sidekick, Cutman! All Megaman characters, backgrounds, sprites and trademarks are property of Capcom. I do not own any of used materials.

Dr. Light and Dr. Wily create an interdimensional portal that allows a magi-priest of a dark god into thier world. What happens next? Well you'll need to read and find out.

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