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If you like your super-heroes will a super-sized order of french-fried funny, then FantastiTeam is the comic for you. If, on the other hand, you like well-plotted, well-drawn comics that seek to advance the medium... Sorry.

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The ongoing story of an amazing team of superheroes who can never seem to get anything to work right.

Abel is an American-Asian boy with an active imagination. He lives with his mom and sister and goes on adventures with his bear, Barry. The comic is inspired by Calvin and Hobbes. This comic updates on Wonderful Wednesdays.

"Company Man" is about life and the funny things it can throw at you (Like monkey poop!). It revolves around the co-workers and friends at F.R.J. Media Group in Phoenix, Arizona. Company Man is filmed before a live studio audience and updated Mon.- Fri.

Join Bit, Eli, Prob, and Ittybit in wacky crazy robot adventures of crazy wacky adventurous robots that are wacky and crazy adventurers.

"Good Guy" . . . a great super hero comedy some of the family can enjoy. Full of satire, social commentary, cheesiness, and occasional gross-out humor. Every 5 pages is 1 issue since it's based off a mini-comic I give out at local comic shops.

in which the guardian of souls recruits an alien warlord to blast the hell out of hell.

The tales of a funny looking mailman and his sassy dog.

Juvies is a webcomic about 3 childhood friends: Scott, a relatively level headed "Leader". T.J, the muscle bound dude who loves his muscles and women! He's a real ladies man and Roger, the laid back, always hung over guy who enjoys hangin with his pals.

Two Dwarfs, Wheels and Boat are commissioned to start an institute in post war Terra. They are to promote understanding between the former enemy races. Wheels has a pet project as well. Study the Mythical magicless race called Humans that once walked Terr

The world's greatest web comic about a single guy in a heavy metal band who also teaches!!! A comic about the stuff guys like!

TED THE TERRIBLE SUPERHERO chronicles the exploits of Ted and Brian, an unlikely duo. Their lives revolve around Ted’s absolute conviction, in the face of all available evidence, that he is a superhero.

What happens when you give superpowers to the world's most irresponsible party animal? Watch out! This ain't no super man, he's SUPERMILO! And now he's here to live up to his own super code: With great power comes really great parties! Copyright (c) Will Boyer 2011


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Locoma at 6:51AM, Oct. 17, 2009

hey Professor, how's it going, long time ducker (like me)?

mfc at 12:02PM, Oct. 12, 2009

A super microwave would be used to .. nuke food? XD I don't know. lol

Miss Annoying at 9:18AM, Sept. 21, 2009

hey man whats up? XD glad to be your friend! :)

sethfronzoli at 6:29AM, Aug. 31, 2009

Thanks for the add, and checking out "Explorers"!

Bocaj at 10:02AM, Aug. 20, 2009

Thanks for the add, and the comment! :D

SympleSymon at 8:05AM, Aug. 8, 2009

Thanks for the add, PF! Hope you continue to enjoy Retake, and Relik! I need to catch-up on a LOT of my favorite comics, and yours is one of them!

AWCramer at 2:18AM, Aug. 5, 2009

Thanks for the add. Big fan of FantastiTeam here!

MrColinP at 5:01PM, Sept. 15, 2007

Hey PF! Thanks so much for the Backburner story! But I think you may heave created an even greater hero in the process... only from your half asleep subconscious could come a creation as sublime as... Fire Extinguisher Man!

Wesc at 5:06PM, Sept. 7, 2007

Thanks for the add, your comic is ridiculously awesome.

Ersatz at 5:47PM, Aug. 12, 2007

Number 8! He's a guy. If he can't do it, We'll all know why!

antcomics at 7:09AM, July 16, 2007

Thanks a million for the fave and the add! :o)

JoshtheMagnificent at 5:26PM, June 22, 2007

Hey professor. Number 8 left the hamburger patties out in the cafeteria.

F_Allen at 1:33AM, May 22, 2007

cheers for the add professor ;)

Dark Chamber at 10:50PM, May 10, 2007


timlight at 4:29AM, May 2, 2007

Fantastiteam is excellent! It's super hilarious! ^^

kingofsnake at 6:59AM, April 25, 2007

I've just noticed that, like, ALL of my friends have recommended Blip. Wierd. Wierd that it could be so damn good. Of course, its nothing compared to FantastiTeam ;)

Ersatz at 9:40PM, April 24, 2007

I'm hungry. Want a sandwich. Bread's gone mouldy. Can you feel my pain?

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