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On one side, calm, on the other pain...
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After the wars,in the age of the repliods, a new spark arises...

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The Monty Python Moments of Team Dimension.

Not your ordinary sprite comic, at all. Taken from the view point of Blues/Protoman of Megaman, it starts before the games and follows his exstensive, and slightly original, story. Intrigue, betrayal, powerlust, and even love, Blues must find his own way.

A sentient being appears and teaches people.

A long time ago... There were Heroes.

Guncannon Acts as the hero in this story, Defending Patriot city from the Forces of Evil

Without knowing how or why, a renamon is transported to the world of Half-Life 2 during the war against the combine after Freeman took out the Citadel. Occasional comedy, mainly action later.

A gladiator trained to fight only for himself begins a new life amongst the chaos of the future. As he tries to carve out his new niche, he encounters many beings both good and evil, magical and mechanical. Let's see what happens.

Communication with the Biological Laboratory Station "Ryuujin" has gone offline. Ryuujin is home to over 50,000 scientists and various creatures of the planet Cetus Delta. What is the mystery behind the Space Lab?

SEASON 2! The prodigy of Omega Tau and Ren are going to be born soon. Things seem fine and all, but some people from O.T.'s past have come back to hunt him. WARNING! Rating Raised to Mature!

Just to prove logic makes no sense.....

A Team Dimension comic by Ebon. Ebon continues to battle his enemies and defend his dimension from intruders that could bring ruin to his world. With a psycho brother and a strange group of friends, that should be easy, right? ... um... right?

basicly it's what the name says... no questions asked.

Basically telling the story of the character Azherl, who, if you didn't know, (and chances are you didn't) is my custom Sonic character. Other people from the Somic games appear and stuff happens, but it's a bit more involved than that.

See what happens after the events in Metroid Fusion. *Note: It's made up. So don't complain.*

Sonic and Tails have grown bored of living in the country and have decided to move to the city, at least that's what Sonic decided. Warning: Contains Magi, demonic landlords, a crazy green guy, and suffering, lots and lots of suffering.

The Legacy of a hero that is fighting to save the universe. Whether he wants to or not.

The story of Jenosa Arma after Scurge: Hive.

After the wars,in the age of the repliods, a new spark arises...

In their free time, the Dimension Travelers take up storm chasing. See if they have what it takes to drive into the heart of a twister.

A group of friends, fresh from the edge of Mobius's Badland region, move into Onett, where Sonic and his friends are living life, unsuspecting and unprepared. New heroes, old heroes, and the crazed existence that is typical of Mobius...Let's watch.

Luthriel needs help in his fight against his crazy brother. A battle of heavenly proportions!


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