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Yep, I have a pretty generic name. There are probably dozens of MetalLuigis out there wandering around the internet, but Ive had this username for years so Im pretty much keeping it.

About me? Well, I like to draw. I mostly use a Simpson-ish style when it comes to Tom and Bob, but offline Ill do different things which maybe Ill show off online someday.

Im also a huge metalhead. Ill listen to death, heavy, power, black, progressive, and any other kind of metal out there as long as its good. Mainstream or underground, I listen to it all.

Thats about it. If youd like to know more about me, just message me or check out my comics!


Comics By MetalLuigi

  • Fantasy |
  • 79 pages |
  • last: July 7 2011 |
Bob is an alien that lives with his coworker Bill on a spacecraft orbiting Earth. Their job is to observe human life and stuff, but all they really do is just sit around and play minesweeper all day.
  • Fantasy |
  • 4 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
One day Tom the Turkey decided to take a trip with his buddy, Mac the Rooster, and together they dare to go where no flightless birds have gone before! On plane trips.

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Are you too old for pokemon? If you aren't, then what the hell are you doing PLAY SOME POKEMON! Updates every Friday

A hard-working woman in a demanding field, Ms Sanders does her best to bring vampires to justice, defend werewolves from slander, and help the Bride of Frankenstein get a divorce.

A bit cheesy comic, you might say. On top of always being beaten down by Ryan, now Mick has fallen in love with a girl. Quite the tragedy for the shy guy that he is. But THAT is not his biggest problem. There's... something else...

In the near future, a technology that allows people to exchange minds between their bodies has emerged. Through the life of Alex Lee, ANATTA explores the identity revolution brought about by the global exchange of minds.

Intellectual humor and solid art sprinkled with a little bit of Calvin and Hobbes. John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes, that is.

Join the adventures of Trevor, his demonic roommate Susie, his girlfriend Laura, & their attempts to thwart the misdeeds of the evil Gnome King, and Charlie - the poltergeist that lives in Trevor's apartment. Pop-culture references & satire abound.

What happens when a Grizzly Bear awakens from hibernation, to find the world he knew being consumed by zombies?

Follow the misadventures of aspiring actor Mick Nardelli as he faces auditions, day jobs and just life in general. Quirky, character-driven and offbeat. Updated weekly (usually on Wednesdays).

Brutus is a moody bird that gets into a lot of trouble. Come check out all fun with him and his friends....(wow cheesy description) Remember Brutus back in the early days of DrunkDuck....he is BACK.

With events taken from real life, follow the day to day struggles of the most hated boy in school, the fat kid. Matt Feazell calls it " a more serious Charlie Brown"

The Continuing Saga of George the Dragon! This is the tale of a Dragon named George. George is old. So old that he has lived in every age of the world from Medieval to Modern. His tales are rather silly in nature. Join in on his (Mis)adventures!

In the world of Harkovast, magical races battle for survival against the Nameless armies of the West. Betrayals, intrigue, warfare and unrelenting bloodshed will determine the fate of all nations. Epic fantasy adventure, with furry / anthro characters.

Set in Victorian London. An upper class girl, Amelia Worton- bored of her pampered life- looks for fun in Londons underworld, making friends with crooks and con artists. But, soon Amelia will discover how dangerous Londons underbelly can be. **Complete**

A woman suffers a tragic death. When she awakens in a land that is beyond life but not entirely past death, she must seek a way to discover where she is and how to return to the land of the living...

Mario and Link and Metroid save the princess and who knows what else? They are the Super Squad and nothing can beat them!

Politics with dark humor and sarcasm. Written by a US Army Tank Crew Member. UPDATES MWF!

In a nut-shell, Raw Fish is; The every day cultural shock of an American living in Japan.

Silly little (collectible?) monsters that eat, sleep, play, evolve, and battle each other! What else do cute little monsters do? More than you think.

Raven always considered her self to be a quite normal girl, well, not "normal" on every single level, but still just too ordinary.. Little did she know she was everything but ordinary, and that her destiny could cause the end of the world..

Blocked by every obstacle imaginable, a young sea turtle tries to make it into the world.

When the war between retail chains got too intense, he wanted out. However, in a world where cashiers carry lightsabers and department managers have battle mechs, quitting is easier said than done. This is the record of his final two weeks.

2 Aliens. Disguised as dogs. Here to study human life. Hilarity ensues. Updates Mon-Wed-Fri. Check back for monthly fill-in-the-bubble CONTESTS, too.


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crazyduck at 2:31PM, July 8, 2009

Hey there MetalLuigi, how's life?

warefish at 2:07AM, March 4, 2009

Cheers for the add! :)

Lucarioman_EXE at 2:02PM, Jan. 24, 2008

Thanks for the add!

Chaz McRich at 6:43PM, Nov. 1, 2007

Hey ME-AT-ELL LU-E-GEEEEEEEEEEE!... I'm sorry about that.

spaceyoshix at 1:05PM, July 15, 2007

In response to your question on my profile, yes. The GM does stand for Game Maker. And thanks for adding me back too.

dmc87 at 3:18AM, June 27, 2007

Actually, you're one of the few who DARE to touch the penguin! And for that... You get a virtual cookie, hooray! :D

mudkip53 at 10:21AM, June 19, 2007

No probelm you sem nice.

feedmefood at 2:16AM, June 19, 2007

Hiya! Thanks for the add! :)

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