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I write and draw because I have a story to tell, and like it when
people take the time to read or look over and enjoy my stories and art, I
also hope one day, I can publish my work.

I may have to warn you though I am dyslexic so some words or
sentences my be hard to read because of it, I do my best to catch these
mistakes though and go through my work constantly to catch them as best
as I can, if you find anything wrong don't hesitate to tell me so. I
really do the best I can to fix that problem but I'm never able to catch
it all.

About me, well, due to chronic illness (two auto immune disorders)
I spend most of my time at home, often sick or in bed, and I am
confined to a wheelchair when I would like to get out of the house on my
own. When I'm not sick I'm usually writing or drawing, so as you can
imagine, I have too much time on my hands…

Comics By Kurapika

  • Fantasy |
  • 1292 pages |
  • last: May 28 2017 |
Death is final and cannot be changed, not even by gods. The god of death accidentally took the life of Andrew Perkason before it was his time to go, in an attempt to compensate Death asks Era and Aeon, two lesser time gods, to go back in time to warn Andrew of his fate and give him a second chance at living his life so that he may live it with as much fulfillment as possible before his untimely encounter with death. Andrew must now try to meet his life goals before he dies, while balancing school, family, his social life, a girlfriend and living with two lesser gods who are constantly looking over his shoulder and judging every decision he makes.
  • Fantasy |
  • 0 pages |
  • last:  |
If you were born to die would you accept your fate? Would you run from your fate? Or would you fight it? For Angel, the Princess of East who was born to die by the hands of demons as a sacrifice. Running was the choice she followed. With the help of an immature bandit, a stubborn marksman and a young wizard in training, Angel travels to her Uncle's castle in the East, where it is rumored she will be safe from the demons. But for her and her companions, the future, the past, the truth, this journey and even one another, are not always what they appear to be.
  • Fantasy |
  • 250 pages |
  • last: May 13 2017 |
Due to human negligence the world as we know it has ended and been reborn. The animal spirits that guide man giving them the forms of animals so that they would be able to survive in this new wilderness. Though now carrying the form of beasts man has not forgotten the place they once had, as an existence greater then just what nature wanted of them, an existence above all. Those that worked to gain their humanity are known as domestics, while those who wished to follow the roles the spirits had given them were known as wilds. Both groups grew arrogant and hateful of one another, the wilds saw the domestics as selfish monsters, for they were returning to the ways that had once destroyed the world, while the domestics saw the wilds as primitive beings afraid of progress, they no better than wild animals. The raven and the wolf spirits grew tired of the destruction and fighting, and sided with the wilds in their ideals, the domestics only capable of further destroying nature. In their anger they marked a tribe of wilds with a curse, they being removed from the sacred circle of life. The curse upon them only broken once the domestics are gone. The cursed tribe now known to all by the name of the spirits whom cursed them. ‘Raven Wolf’
  • Superhero |
  • 17 pages |
  • last: Nov. 4 2014 |
Androids and robots have become common place for people to own, though most are used for work and cleaning there is a select brand that has been built for one purpose, to fight one another for human entertainment and amusement. These known as SCbots (Specialty Combat Robots) and SCaibots (Specialty Combat Artificially Intelligent Robots) Tomo is one of those models, in fact he was first SCaibot model who dominated the World SCbot Competitions for four years straight before his owner 'The Crimson Masquerade' decided to retire from the sport. This year though, the patent on Tomo's AI programming, the factor that placed him above his competition during his championship run, has run out, and now SCaibots just like him are being custom built in unbelievable numbers for people wanting to take part in the new SCaibot battles all over the world. Always one to accept a challenge 'The Crimson Masquerade' also joins in. Unfortunately for Tomo the rules and ways of playing the SCaibot games have changed, so much in fact that upon entering the games once more, Tomo's owner decides that his SCaibot is too outdated to handle the rounds, and replaces him with several new models.
  • Superhero |
  • 0 pages |
  • last:  |
A magical girl story... sorta, better description to come eventually.
  • Real Life |
  • 19 pages |
  • last: Oct. 26 2014 |
The the most difficult and challenging setting in a videogame is usually know as ‘Very Difficult’ ‘Extreme’ or ‘Hardcore’ outside of the gaming world we choose to call this setting ‘Marriage’ Noah, a videogame hobbyist and aspiring musician meets David, the perfect, handsome and hardworking editor. The relationship takes of like a mmo character with max agi and level 10 haste cast on them, and the two find themselves married and moving in together. Unfortunately Noah’s perfect husband does not come to him easily, our hero having to battle the evils of the ex-wife and David’s sexy childhood best friend, and if that wasn’t enough, there was perhaps an error in communication about the fact that David has kids…
  • Fantasy |
  • 23 pages |
  • last: Oct. 24 2014 |
Before the Angel, the princess of East started her journey with her companions the royalty searched hard for a way to stop the demons before Angel was forced to endure such trials. Meet the Zimiko Knights. The three siblings that carry the well known and respected Zimiko name, a name know by all at the best family of knighthood in this country and any other. Kara and Eymon, the oldest and youngest of the siblings, are the prime example of of what you would expect someone carrying this lineage to be. Serious, hardworking, strong and dedicated to their positions in the royalty as well as their craft. Clor, the middle child of the three, does not exactly fit this ideal mold. Lazy, defiant, and often found flirting with the ladies instead of practicing his swordsmanship. These three as well as the commanders of the four royalties, have been given the difficult task of ending the war before it starts…

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