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A Bottle of Spirits is a modern-day fantasy story, following the exploits of the seemingly ordinary and slightly cynical Stanley and his new-found friends- Tabitha, a perky little well of magical power who has a habit of turning into a cat; and Reggie, the ghost of a wizard prince from another realm who possesses a hat. They have to work together to recapture a host of escaped spirits with dangerous, terrifying and sometimes ridiculous powers.

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A new spin on the classic legend of Dr. Faust... What happens when you sell your soul to the devil?

How Will Yako, geek extraordinaire and closet libertine, charm the big bad AND gay yakuza bodyguard (with the aid of her secretly prided assets) in order to get to her precious first crush?

The path of a Manga-ka is a hard one, more so for a foreigner trying to make in a mysterious land. Perhaps someone as clueless and enthusiastic as Karlos is what it takes to breathe new life into the industry and inspire other rookies along the way.

"Who is this woman...? What is she talking about...? Me...? Wait... what happened?? Where am I??"

When a neurotic bully of a Demon Lord is stripped of his powers and banished to Earth, he winds up in a visualkei band and is stalked by a girl who believes him to be a witch. Will he manage to convince her otherwise? And will he EVER learn how to sing?

Lambs frolic and cause mischief. Not for kids!

"Natalie is a singer. Paul is a deaf-mute young man... On a rainy night these people bump into each... A girl to whom music is the source of life bumps into a man who can't understand the sound of her voice... Why is it that both complement each other?

It starts with a Song...It always starts with a song...!!! Based off of the story, "The Wolf & The Lamb*." Bodyguard and Mercenary, Laine Reinward aka Wolf, is sent to capture and protect a unknown girl nicknamed Little Lamb. And soon he will know why

Matthew and his guardian end a life on the run run and settle into a farming community. He knows nothing of the unrest in foreign and unreachable places until it strikes into his own life.


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Lilac at 10:40PM, July 3, 2009

Okai kayluv, taim fer yew tew come back on teh internets nao. DD:

Lilac at 11:22PM, May 13, 2009

Oh yey! I am giddy with excitement! I also am fond of 'wiggy'. I used to use these words all the time..but not so much anymoar. D':

Lilac at 11:16PM, May 13, 2009

I LOVE THE WORD SNAZZY!!! You'll be participating in the contest, yes? YES?!! *scary expression*

Redemption at 2:46PM, May 2, 2009

Thanks for the friend-back. I'll shamefully admit I don't always comment on all the comics I follow (pressed for time lately), ha. I'm glad to have found ASSR now, you're doing a fantastic job with that comic.

PiggyLove1940 at 5:36AM, April 28, 2009

YAY!! your welcome. I'm glad your liking it so far :D I'll keep working on it c:

anninhell at 8:51PM, April 23, 2009

Wooah Ok enough of all that. I'll summarise it by adding that we both rock =D yay us Woohoo =P XD *kidding* *controls the urge to b*tch about SJ and fails epicly* Well yea!! I know about the commenting thing especially. It can get kinda lonely when you post something and you check the next day, and the page greets you with a '.......'. Lol. And sweetie, you definitely deserve WAY more than 50 odd fans. That's a VERY big Definitely. You have much better art and an arresting plot going on than many of the popular comics there =( It's unfair like that. Oh and uhhh woops, sorry about that earful of rant!! I just had to get it off my system <_<

anninhell at 8:25PM, April 22, 2009

Shoujo is <333 Awww you're too kind xD But seriously, one superbly done comic beats two haphazardly done ones, so I admire you for doing THAT =D You'll have to pardon me for lurking lol! I'm more of a silent stalkerish type, usually. Hahaha. Actually, I was following your comic at SmackJeeves, don't know if you remember X3 But I stopped leaving much comments at SJ. The community over there feels kinda cold...or maybe its just me. No offense to any other SJ peeps though >_< DD on the other hand though, I love very much =D

anninhell at 11:44PM, April 21, 2009

*woot Lilac is here too XD* Thanks for the add, hun. It's awesome to know another shoujo manga addict xD *whispers: a tad too many shonen-ai around, nowadays :O * And gee! Thanks so much for the recommendation X3

Lilac at 8:15PM, March 26, 2009

Yeah I know..he'd be my favorite too... ...wait what? O: JK JK. But srsly I wish guys had to shave their pits. Cuz that gets nasty. And I don't like facial hair. Bleck!! XP Lol yay bishies!! ^^

Lilac at 5:26PM, March 26, 2009

The moment I saw that comment on my thingy I instantly knew it was you. XDDDD Now why is that? :P

Lilac at 9:32AM, March 12, 2009

OMG YESH!! My mind control therapy worked!! HOORAY MOAR SUB ROSA!!! :DDD And yeah, I have a new comic up. X3 I can't seem to focus on just one..or two..XDD I have so many ideas! :P Sorry that moving sucked so bad! But at least the worst is behind you? O:

Lilac at 8:38PM, March 10, 2009

*prances in followed by rainbows and sparkles and give j00 a hug* OMG I thought you were gone for good you've been out so long! I was afraid I lost one of my favorite fans/comicppl. D: How have you been?

Lilac at 8:33PM, Jan. 26, 2009

HAY HAY I referenced your comic on today's episode of Ar Oh Ef El. If you have a problem with it then plz let me know and I'll remove it. x:

Lycoris at 1:56PM, Nov. 16, 2008

Thanks so much for my first comment! You're so awesome! :3

NickGuy at 9:39AM, Oct. 30, 2008

thank you very much for the add!

Lilac at 8:13PM, Oct. 18, 2008

*dramatically points finger* YOU!!! MY COMIC!! LOOK!!! *melts* Um..srsly though, I don't know if you've seen this one yet and hardly anyone has commented on the last two pages, so do you think you can give me an opinion and what-not? :x

Lilac at 7:30AM, Oct. 16, 2008

Lol, I think other people should read it. :DD

Lilac at 7:48AM, Oct. 8, 2008

Lol, I just noticed all the comments you left on my comic. XD I'm having a slow..week... Anyway, thanks a bunch!! ^.^

The World of Witt at 5:21PM, Oct. 22, 2007

You are quite welcome. Thaks for taking the time to read my work as well- I'm glad you enjoy it. Bob the winged monkey is so pleased he ran around the house without pants on for a day and a half.

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