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If you like super heroes and parodies then you're in the right place!!
As for me I was born in Princeton Illinois U.S but left to live in my home country when I was still little. I now remain in Greece were I am training to become an officer for the merchant know..those guys near the harbour who drink alot and then try to woo your sister…well thats me…sorry…Any whooo my passion is telling stories and I'll try to share one with you if I can, I'm not a great artist but by Zeus's beard I will…I..gimme a sec…I will make a poorly drawn..yet funny (I hope…) Super Hero parody COMIC!!!!

P.S I'm still sorry about your sister..

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After finding a strange yellow jacket,John has obtained magical powers and has become the (worst) super hero known as Jacket-Man. John has faced many dangers since then..Could this be the worst?

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Three young roommates who also happen to be superheroes, come together to rid Hero city of law-breakers while trying to pay their fair share of the rent, in this colorful, comedic, webcomic.

The ongoing story of an amazing team of superheroes who can never seem to get anything to work right.

Aaron Rung is going nowhere fast. He's stuck in community college with idiots, trapped in his dead-end job at Food Plus, he's losing his friends as they go on to better things, has trouble with money, girls, and the list goes on. That all changes when a freak accident gives him incredible energy powers. But Aaron has better things to use his powers for rather than helping people... and that's helping himself, as the villainous Blue Blaster!

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