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Hi I'm Heady Pigeon aka Hawk and Flo Adventures on the Duck. I make a web series called. Hawk and Flo Adventures! The current storyline i'm on is called Ice Cream Truck of Doom. it's my dream to one day get my comics made into TV shows. I grew up collecting comics now I make them online and I love doing it :D.

200 Pages yay! :)

500 Pages Woo!

Comics By HawkandFloAdventures

  • Adventure |
  • 877 pages |
  • last: July 18 2024 |
Part 2: Field Day Something is lurking under the town of Liverlife. In This action packed crossover story between Hawk and Flo Adventures and Space Pack. Werewolves are running amuck and the two must join forces to save the Earth!
  • Sci-Fi |
  • 21 pages |
  • last: May 14 2024 |
Somewhere Far Away in a Galaxy they say trouble is brewing day by day. An Ancient Artifact known as the Gem of Mundania needs protecting at all costs and every villain in Twistverse is coming after it. Join Aluta and Chorley as they travel the universe in an attempt to keep it safe from Evil's clutches!
  • Horror |
  • 134 pages |
  • last: May 10 2024 |
After a near Fatal Bus Accident 14 year old Theodore Carlsen wakes up and finds himself in the cursed town of Thirley Peak. His objective is to get back home! That's easier said than done though as the town itself is full of danger and weirdness.
  • Adventure |
  • 22 pages |
  • last: Jan. 20 2024 |
In this epic remake of the Legendary Fight scene from Ice Cream Truck Of Doom. Hawk is challenged to a fight to the death by Coneman, an Ice Cream Monster known as the Thriller Made Of Vanilla.

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Adam is a martian who lives during the ancient civilization of Mars. He is the architect who leads thousands of Martian workers that build monuments, pyramids, statues, cities... on the red planet. Enjoy adventure, fun, history and humor during the ancient Mars. The comic is UPDATED EVERY DAY, daily adventures of Adam and his legion of Martians here.

A story set in a world of Angels and Demons, where the main protagonist must over come certain obstacles in order to protect what she was assigned to.

One day a Holy Knight from the Kingdom of Rahknor enters a small town to capture a girl named Fang who has been causing trouble. Soon after he completes his mission, plans for a nation wide war using the Arkin Blade, a legendary weapon yet to be found, are revealed, leaving the unwitting pair no choice but to find it and stop these plans before they can become a dark reality. It won't be easy, many evil and sketchy types are after the Blade as well for their own reasons.

The year is 2011, and 15 is a ripe and juicy age to have an identity crisis. Angst, bodyswaps gone wrong, primordial soup, and a quest for supreme cuteness. Remember kids, the universe is flat so mind the edge. Go Chucks! Updates monday/tuesday or whenever

Robin Sinclair is as immature as one can be, so raising her part-demon child on her own might just be too much for her to handle! On top of the everyday mishaps of motherhood, she finds herself entangled in a dark web of lies and her life spirals out of control as the once quiet town becomes lively with the supernatural. A deadly game of cat and mouse beings, to prevent the Apocalypse (preferably before bedtime)! BD is mainly comedy and drama with a decent amount of mystery, but it mixes and features pretty much any genre it can. Adult jokes, occasional nudity, profanity and violence! Updates daily!

The escapades of celebrity monster hunter Bobby Carter, hobnobbing with the rich and famous, pissing off the dark and powerful!

A super-powered vampire with pirate-related PTSD accidentally starts collecting friends like a crazy cat lady collects strays, and they all live in a cabin in the woods.

Cosmic Dash is a webcomic with massive science fiction and space opera influences. The comic deals with a massive galaxy, The Silver Spiral Galaxy, that is being explored, but derives its focus from following around Dash Kameku, and his crew-mates as they transport cargo around the known territories. Catch the adventures at COSMICDASH.COM and SERREVEN.COM

"Creation" is a series of comic strips which adapts mythologies from various cultures.

In a warm and savage world ruled by female-only tribes, Estelia discovers the "Cribal", a valued mineral capable of invoking a male spirit, fundamental for the life maintenance of her own tribe. Estelia will fight a race to death to gather the scarce mineral while defends the tribe from her enemies.

Warrick 101 Epsilon is one of many war machine androids who was created to fight in Earth's fourth world war, but after severe damage during his first battle, he wakes up 500 years later with the new exasperating function of being an assistant baker. Luckily, he has a chance to rebecome a war machine if he can win the Bittersweet Baking Competition. If he doesn't, the only gun Warrick will ever handle again is a piping gun. 2023 Aurora Award Nominee!

Dave, the fury stoner, loves gummy worms almost as much as he loves the Kush! join him as stuff happens.

A oneshot diary entry of a girl with a third eye, dealing her school life. Originally from WEBTOON on October 2020

The Drunk Duck Awards are annually (usually) run by the users of the website and celebrate both the webcomics and users of the site. The curtain is closed and the credits are rolling. Big thanks to all our volunteers this year.

The lame life of the Duck and his pal Quail as well as some intriguing Drunk Duck site history.

Era of Iridore, is set in a world with both humans and anthropomorphic animals, as well as my own characters who is a race that's called dracoreas, or dragon nymphs. They try to live peaceful in a world full of danger, magic, monsters and conflicts of various degrees while not going extinct in the process. My comic is LGBTQ+ inclusive.

The bashful shopkeeper and the goddess of Thunder! Eva, the daughter of Thor has come to earth to retrieve her father's famous hammer. (Which he lost in a poker game.) Which also happens to be in Leonard Smith's newly inherited emporium and magic shop. However after accidently destroying the hammer she finds herself stranded.

Kuroi Kasame is no ordinary Japanese High School girl! And her friends and enemies aren't even a bit ordinary in the slightest! Join Kuroi, her best friend Kimi, and more, on their crazy, insane, and hilarious adventures in FIGURED IT OUT!

FREDDY RENO WENT MISSING: Dive deep into the seedy underbelly of the international fancy-fish trade in search of disgraced fish breeder Freddy Reno and the mysterious Lama Fish said to be in his possession in Don M. Patterson's yacht-noir thriller, FREDDY RENO WENT MISSING.

Sometimes we reach that stage in life and realise there's something missing in our lives. I think I've figured out what that is,.. FUN! I started the FunStreak cartoon to show any ideas I want to try, plus the odd picture from my DrawQuest days. It's experimental, random and hopefully funny.

Axel D´Shaq, an ordinary young man who draws attention to himself wherever he appears. He is the last person in the whole galaxy where people of other races hate the most. He experiences conflicts not only in civilian clothes, but also in galactic races, where he appears as a masked rider under the name Star Axe. Despite all the hatred of those around him, he has friends around him who help him overcome difficult life situations. But how will his life change if one day he helps a mysterious girl, so very similar to the human race?

Peanuts inspired political satire of the GOP

[img][/img][color=red][size 70]G[/size][/color][color=magenta][size 50]R[/size][/color][color=green][size 30]I[/size][/color][color=cyan][size 50]N[/size][/color][color=blue][size 70]D[/size][/color]

Get ready for an insane, supernatural comedy horror on a small but horrific scale, as a team of poor bug exterminators tries to survive a simple cleanup job in an near-empty building, which just so happens to be infested with those dangerous, interatomic imsy creatures called Iddlings and whatever else is lurking down the hallway.

Fast cars, fine art and casual conversation - a webcomic where art history meets architecture.

A collection of short stories, set in a world where people are born from stars. Status: Long-term project. Sporadic updates.

Chronicles the tales of the city of Dicksville and its citizens. Updates monday-friday probably

This is the neo-noir story about Molly Lusc who is a bald, chain-smoking, half-human, half-seal mutant femme fatale who blows bubbles eating soap and keeps getting herself into all sorts of trouble around her sinking swamp of a hometown of Port Hommerond. Like going through a bumpy marriage, solving mysteries as a private detective, bumping off thugs, pirates, cops, mutant monsters and supersharks alike, and rediscovering her lost origins.

Once every 100 years, Nemution will be formed into a jewel his sould searching for his eternal lover. Once merged they must both accept each other for a complete transformation. However, because the lover is unable to recognize and prepare ones body for the merge, they destroy each other and are once again parted for 100 years; till nemution rises again and his reborn eternal lover is called to him. After many years of separation, Nemution has once again found his eternal lover; a promise and a vow, forever kept. But a new torment awaits the eternal lover. YAOI/BL

After Grace and her brother Gabe were born, King Damien died and his wife, Queen Vanessa, took control of the land. The rules were simple: anyone with magic would be brought to her, and they were never seen again, erased. Too bad Grace and her brothers have magical powers. Can the Myers kids find a weak spot in the queen’s plot and defeat her once and for all? You’ll have to read Outcasts to find out.

Lilika is a Lovecraftian Disney princess mage. Sheol is a superpowered undead monstrosity. They escaped life alone. Now, they'll fight for life together.

Somewhere Far Away in a Galaxy they say trouble is brewing day by day. An Ancient Artifact known as the Gem of Mundania needs protecting at all costs and every villain in Twistverse is coming after it. Join Aluta and Chorley as they travel the universe in an attempt to keep it safe from Evil's clutches!

Phineus Beam and his friends in college. The 80's were magical!

Mason moves to an island of monsters and finds fitting in as an ordinary human may be more than he can handle.

Within Chansha Forest, there are a wide array of unique and unbelievable creatures residing in its borders. Po and Casiea are just two of these creatures. There are those who wish to exploit both the wildlife and resources of Chansha; Po and Casiea must use their immense strength to prevent that at all costs! Updates bi-weekly.

The death is only the beginning! After Ramune-kun loses his life during an expedition, his soul is transported to a world where no human has ever been. The murdered man soon discovers that the guardian spirit of the mountain brought him there. And the spirit of the mountain has big plans for the young but strong soul. TPOTMS is a fan made comic, which based on Jungle Emperor Leo movie (1997). This sequel shows what happened after Ramune-kun's death.

A travel log cataloguing the adventures of a half demon explorer through the multiverse and all its strange modes of life.

Cute robots saying bad things in a papercraft-like comic.

1,000 years ago, two beings known as the "Angels" and the "Demons" came into the world and since then have become an everyday part of life for the world. It is within this world, watched over by the world police, "The Enforcement" that one boy finds himself in a spectacular adventure.

Savannah is a cat and she runs away from home to go on little cat adventures:3 (Updates: Monday and Thursday)

She Used To Be Fractal is a semi-serialized slice-of-life and fantasy webcomic about a non-binary trans woman navigating her life and maintaining relationships while struggling with mental health. The world is messy. So is her room.

Haunted by grief and regrets, a young man attempts to put himself back on tracks and to learn how to live again...

In 1996, teenager Bally Williams' suburban life gets turned upside down when she unexpectedly has to house two alien guests!

Space Pirates of the Black Quarter! Sci-Fi action/adventure out Jupiter way. In the near future, human colonies on Jupiter's moons are attacked by mysterious space pirates whose advanced ships can outrun other vessels. A mismatched handful of tugboat pilots and smugglers takes the pirates on, using near-obsolete hardware, and help from an unexpected source.

Rose Remington was once a powerhouse fighter in the world of international women's martial arts, until her embarrassing defeat in 1986. Now, having resigned her life to the world of fashion modeling, she struggles with a different obstacle, paying rent. Her quickest answer to this is to use her talent of martial arts once again and enter the brutal world of underground fighting. Updates bi-weekly.

First storyarc of The Frolic called "Home" is a tale of a somewhat eponymous detective Frolik, who tries to stop a serial killer fixated on killing young parents. The case is far from solved as Frolik struggles with his own domestic issues, being cheated on and bullied by his wife.

Random cartoons & series from the mind of Keith Alan Morgan. Updates when real life gives me time enough to finish a comic.

90 Years after The American War. The Last Aviatrix still flies above the ruined wastelands of this rotted skull of an earth. The radiation and atomic nature of the worlds demise has given rise to a breed of atomic powered wizards that want to take her out of the sky. Her plane, The Albatross, an ancient B-29 powered by an atomic bomb keeps her in the air. Along the way she meets companions Henry and Clementine. Can our Aviatrix traverse these wastes?

There are many stories throughout history telling of the legendary warrior Mournbringer. Some paint him as a hero, some as a vengeful spirit, in recent years he has been used as a bogeyman to scare children into obeying the Ministry. Illustrated by David Abiola Olukoga.

Eight years of weekly comic strips from a small town Colorado newspaper.

Set in Victorian Era England, a young man tries to be a butler. He's not very good at it. What we get is somewhere between Buster Keaton, Monty Python, Golden Boy and Mr. Bean.

A Weird West tale about the bounty-hunting exploits of the mute vaquero: Jake Sunrise.

Life, Death, Rebirth, Fungi

The strange adventures of a little girl without arms in a desolated wasteland. Complete.

((SECOND COMIC - ONGOING)) Stand alone sequel. It follows two characters – one who lives at the bottom of society and one who lives at the top – coming together in a city to navigate a dangerous situation and learn that they world may not be as simple as they always thought. ((FIRST COMIC - COMPLETE)) Magic was sealed generations ago by Nareth Guren's great-great-grandfather, so how can it be that he finds himself switched into the body of a slave? Now forced to see the world from a new perspective, can he do anything to fix the problems he finds?

Join Oscar Strange and friends in their sketchy adventures.

A dark drama about awful people, abuse of the sick and vulnerable, and mental health. CW: mental illness, suicide, abuse, violence, trauma, bigotry, substance abuse, and nudity.

In 1983 my friends and I accidently got our Algebra teacher fired....this is our true story!

Think Big Trouble in Little China as a sitcom.

A slice of life romance featuring an unlikely pair. (Contains strong language and sexual humor.)

In 1942 Nazi-Occupied Athens, Fotis and his gang of fellow war-stricken friends risk their lives to earn their daily meal,hoping to scrape by until the war ends, if it ends. But when a British agent vital to the success of a mysterious plan by the newly formed Greek Resistance against the Nazis goes missing, the children's routine is forever disrupted. Suddenly, Fotis and his friends will have to tell friend from foe and traitor from patriot in time, or the Greek Resistance will be crushed before it even makes its stance. VOLUME 1 COMPLETE!


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