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Im just a guy who does comics, figures and loves videogames.

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In the land of Coatlan, Checomal Has a Restaurante (hilarity ensues)

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An adventure comic about a girl and her robot, who strive to become bounty hunters in a lawless city!

Rouge princess finds a change of heart and returns to her home and family, and her troubles follow, not far behind! Can the story end happily ever after? Why it can. It's all over except for the reception!

In the land of Coatlan, Checomal Has a Restaurante (hilarity ensues)

In an anachronistic universe, where science meets sorcery and elves meet cigarettes (?), Nikolan has been given the task of warding away colossal predators and the occasional genocidal faction away from the 'civilized' ever since he could barely hold a blade. He isn't considered professional in his field but with the team of his own consisting of a mysteriously talented Dr. Eight and a mad-mannered elf nicknamed Axe, they get to share the blame equally for any job botched. Sure the work hours are irregular, the pay is laughably meager and most of the effort includes unhealthy doses of running for your life and relying on your luck but at least it would make one heck of a dinner-party story to tell. Updates Mondays and Fridays.

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