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I dont have hobbies. Hobbies are for suckers. Me? I have what I like to call Fengrhasblers. I play video games, I swim, I draw the occasional cartoon. Those arent hobbies. Those are fengrhasblers.

My most popular webcomic happened to be the only one I put any effort into, Double-Oh. I really do enjoy making it, and if youre wondering, yes I did do another one not that long ago called Brian Christ. It lasted one strip, and I got bored with it. Religion is a hard subject to make comics about, because you really never know who youre going to offend.

Not that I really care about offending people, Ill call Jesus a turd if it makes people lol in Double-Oh.

Thats pretty much all there is about me. Oh, I work for the CIA.

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Agent Siemens is a run-of-the-mill Canadian secret agent. He has lasers, he saves the world, he has wild crazy sex with Russian whores.

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Metal Gear Solid, as it appeared in my United States History notebook last year.

8-bit old-school ultraviolence.

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