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Long ago, in a California far away, I wanted to enter a cartoon contest and kept coming up with ideas that SUCKED! Eventually as I kept drawing, I came up with an ornery jackrabbit who goes APE when someone calls him a bunny. A few years later, He showed up in a short mini-comic… and then he disappeared. He has, however, returned from whatever hole he crawled into and is demanding that I tell his story. So please read my comic so Jake doesnt beat me up… again.

As for my influences, Id have to rank George Herrimans Krazy Kat and Will Eisners The Spirit at the top. In will Eisners words Style is the result of our failure to achieve perfection.

I also greatly enjoyed Bone, Cerebus, and the original Conan series.

This comic chronicles Jakes first seven days of trying to be a superhero, an eventful week in which he discovers a great deal about himself, uncovers dreadful conspiracies, and beats the pudding out of quite a few people. Jakes heart is in the right place, but his temper does get the better of him.

At this point he has no super powers that he is aware of, but he does possess remarkable agility, the senses of a jackrabbit, great leaping ability, apparently accelerated healing, and physical strength comparable to that of a small orangutan.

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  • Fantasy |
  • 40 pages |
  • last: March 25 2013 |
Gladden Darkfell, a hero who has lost his purpose, is drawn into an ancient historical conflict after the discovery of a timeless artifact rumored to be the key to limitless power.
  • Superhero |
  • 165 pages |
  • last: July 5 2012 |
Jake, an ornery jackrabbit with a mysterious past, tries to be a superhero, and unfortunately for everyone, succeeds. Kind of.

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Fan webcomic with untold tales about the Incredible Hulk!

A Hulk comic I originally conceived as a fun little fanfic, but ended up growing into a monstrous metaphysical psychodrama.

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