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Heyy, I'm Dylan! I'm a graphic designer who got my Associate's in Graphic Communications )
For now, enjoy the Faceless Comics!

As a side note, if you wish to view even more content related to the Faceless-Verse, you can check me out on YouTube as DylanTale Edits. There, you'll see live action renditions of characters such as the Faceless, Soundless, FaceClone, and more!

Comics By DylanTale Comics

  • Adventure |
  • 34 pages |
  • last: Sept. 12 2022 |
Among the boredom of the normal world, one guy steps up and changes a lot of things. Yet no one knows who he is!
  • Adventure |
  • 35 pages |
  • last: Oct. 17 2022 |
The Faceless and his friends embark on bigger adventures as the past is further explored and the future is made!
  • Adventure |
  • 16 pages |
  • last: April 17 2023 |
Among the events of Set 2, the Faceless gets thrown into a chaotic adventure across the multiverse!

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So you wanna date a superhero? I have news for you . . . It's not all romantic flights through the night sky and wild romps in the bedroom--there's also lots of falling, danger, and peril. JOIN normal human Clark Peters as he begins his relationship with the world-famous superhero Femme Fantastic! WITNESS the dangers facing a normal guy from supervillains, other superheroes, and his friends as Clark experiences all the trappings (both literal and figurative) that come with dating a superhero! EXPERIENCE what it's like to be a Dude in Distress!

Fast cars, fine art and casual conversation - a webcomic where art history meets architecture.

A brick-built adventure comic featuring action, comedy, and light drama. Follow a colorful cast of characters as they navigate a playful LEGO world.

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