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I think of myself as more of a writer than an artist, although I did attend the Art Institute of Seattle. I still love to draw and will never stop doing so. I never considered myself as being very good, but I believe its about the love for the craft, not how detailed and anatomically properly proportioned the artwork is. Afterall, it is art, isnt it?

At the moment, Im still learning how to use photoshop, and have a VERY crude grasp of it.

I know I started on Sensei Solid a little over a year ago and got as far as the cover, but I finally gave up my WoW addiction, so I am getting back into comics on my spare time (instead of WoW) so I plan on posting up some new material VERY soon.

You can find me on the MySpace at

Comics By Danny Jingu

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  • last: July 6 2011 |
Just random pictures I have drawn.
  • Superhero |
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  • last: July 6 2011 |
Half stone/half man, ALL action.
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Set in the future, the Valkyrie Corps, an experimental branch of the Marines, are sent out to hunt down members of the Viking Project. Once mankind's saviours from the alien race the Bael'gath, the Neo-Vikings turned on humanity and sought to enslave it.

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A story of loss, violence, and payback.

Comics Recomended By Danny Jingu

A fan comic depicting the last arc of Kentaro Miura's manga epic Berserk, which finally brings Guts and Griffith's conflict to the forefront of the Black Swordsman's journey. Updated whenever possible. B&W.

Almost seemingly by chance during a military attack, two brothers are revealed to a "Flamen" - a hint of the world's past and a spark of their adventure. This is a manga with slices of actions, mechs, sci-fi, politics, and ... girls (yet to come) :o

A story of loss, violence, and payback.

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PB Maxx at 7:41PM, June 3, 2009

Thanks for all the help on SKi-Mask Thug. I think you did a great job inking the last four pages. Later dude.

GrapeApe at 5:50PM, May 15, 2009

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it! Your artwork is pretty cool too! I like the "Octopus Prime". ^^

lucas at 5:04PM, May 12, 2009

thank you very much for your kindness of adding me to your friend's list! :D (lol)

anninhell at 7:58PM, April 12, 2009

thanks for adding =3

ccs1989 at 2:34PM, March 22, 2009

Thanks for spreading the word!

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