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Hello there!

Yes, I really am Dutch. I partly live in The Netherlands (in a city called Nijmegen (go see the movie A Bridge Too Far if youd like to know how to pronounce it)) and partly in my own made-up fantasy world. Im a weird little kid, not too smart, but I seem to have a lot of imagination. Personality: just weird. Im not one thing or the other. I can have my smart moments, but there are also a lot of stupid ones. I can concentrate on things for a loooong time, still Im known for losing my concentration very quickly. Im very emotional, but I dont care about anything. I love the world, I hate the world. Im an athiest but I do believe in things.

Ive always been drawing and doing comics is something Im doing for more than 12 years now. Id like to make a living out of it. That or being an illustrator, animator, director, scriptwriter. But Ill try to do everything at the same time :D
With my comics Ive gotten interest from people that create comics themselves and Ive also won two prizes at contests and joined Dutch comic projects. Dont get me wrong: Im not a pro and I dont see myself like that. But I can say Ive got experience. I still need to work a lot on my skills like making backgrounds, drawing objects. Most of the comics I made are not here on Drunkduck.

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A fantsy/adventure comic. A boy called Mark is somewhat the chosen one. Why? Because he totally isn't. Who would suspect a little boy to be the hero of a big important quest? What kind of quest? Mark is yet to find out.
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no description
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A Very Cheap Comic. These are just weerd Scribbles, droodles drawn on very small pieces of paper that already contain colour AND it's made bij a kid in the Netherlands who isn't to good in the English/American gramar. I'll make a better one next time :)

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No words, just action

food fighting to a whole new level.

It's what happens after the whale.

no description

From Blambot Comic Fonts & Lettering creator, Nate Piekos, comes ATLAND! A long-running fantasy epic of high adventure and lowbrow humor!

Let the chief of hell reads you a bed time story :)

An inquisitive worm makes friends with the bird who was going to eat him. Sarcasm ensues. A Platinum Studios comic!

Meet K. She likes to shop, watch TV and smoke cigarettes. And God hates her. Lucky her.

You're not as crazy as you think you are..

Welcome to CLUSTER, a horror anthology featuring the dark artistic stylings of artist Avery Butterworth and various authors.

Hi I'm Carly, and for some reason I scare the Buh-Jeezus outta people! Not intensionally, they just think I'm weird. But I'm a really nice normal person. With lots and lots of friends! Lots of 'em, yup, lots. Who? Um, people too important to tell you

A dark shadow has fallen upon the world of Tymaera and evil stalks the land. Question is, are a cursed black dragon, an Undead werewolf and a half-fay exile capable of turning back this darkness when they're haunted by shadows of their own making?

On a cannibalistic planet where the inhabitants only food is each other, Saturno was on a losing streak in the survival of the fittest until he discovers the world of humans and creatures who want to become them.

Alicka and her little brother Winston are sent to Winkerkill Boarding School. The number one dumping ground of unwanted troubled teens. A miniature Gormenghast filled with bad seeds and black sheep.

no description

Nothing like dogpies!

Random comics i made


This is a story about a little girl, Lila, and her life once she befriends two aliens.

Here be demons ...

A mysterious, trippy, somewhat creepy, journey through the depths of Aude's mind, where the butterfly leads the way.

Here are loved : - Comments : Anywhere ! Old pages, new pages, pretty pages, ugly pages... Just comment anywhere you want to ! - Critique : Anything you can say to improve my comic skillz is more than welcome ! - You : I love you !

Hell, Heaven, Earth. This comic goes everywhere. :) It starts out in Hell, where we meet the 3 main characters: Zoe, half demon, half human, Blaze and Kolos who are both dark angels. The 3 of them end up pissing off Satan and causing all kinds of trouble.

A space opera about a freelance starship and crew's quest to end rule of the immortal kings. It has gay / GLBT themes

A tale of life, love, and internal parasites. This tale is now finished!

It's about a bunch of teenagers who are ... living and stuff. That's enough for them, really. (Currently updating as often as possible.)

[img][/img][color=red][size 70]G[/size][/color][color=magenta][size 50]R[/size][/color][color=green][size 30]I[/size][/color][color=cyan][size 50]N[/size][/color][color=blue][size 70]D[/size][/color]

no description

comics about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Full of smarty art/ninja chick action, join paige on her misadventures as she tries to survive her new and unusual art school, The Kannon Institute of Art and Design...

Life can be tought for a pet owner. Especially if your cat is Sophie. Get ready to deal with ninjas,zombies,pirates and vampires, not to mention scooping the kitty litter.

In 1920s Sweden, a local dog pack struggles to survive with the threat of a treacherous pack of wolves and their leader.

A Drunk Duck featured comic and winner of the Drunk Duck Awards for Best Humor Scenes and Most Deliciously Offensive. Plus the artist is an Adonis of a man. Handsome, charismatic, suave. He saved my mom's life once! All in all, this is one awesome guy.

Drugs, Planes, Baggage, Love, Mystery and The New World Order. The Blue Sky Experiment. The experimental music semi webtoon comic based on the song "Everything You Want" by Vertical Horizons. LAX will never be the same.

Follow Lizzy, a bored teenager living in a strange hollow world, as she sets out for Urbia city, the land of absolute freedom... or is it? visit for the interactive flash version!

An artist without inspiration goes out to forget about his frustrations, only to find that the life outside is neither his life nor real. Done in watercolors, markers, pencils, photoshop and more.

Skin and tragedy.

Welcome to Animal Pets, a delightful little pet shop just down the way (but 1000 miles from care). Join us on a journey as we try to fight off crusading rodents, dark magic, semi arachnid real estate agents, and our biggest challenge... man’s best

Things haven't been going well for Tom. His girlfriend's dead, he's a criminal, and he's discovered latent fire-bomb powers. What to do, what to do? Sounds like the perfect time to join a covert organization of political assassins! By Kristen Gudsnuk

Follow the hilarious antics of Blinky and Boo and his maniacal alter-ego, Grr. Featuring several other addicting characters, MMM BooGrrs is packed with dirty-minded humour and pure silliness that is sure to amuse anyone who understands it.

Nancy, a ditzy, buxom necromancer. Emp, her demonic, alcoholic sidekick. Arandu, a zombie who couldn't find a brain with both hands and a map. And Walter, the temp.

And other 4 page comics (I Want Photoshop). Susie has a new hairstyle. Sandy loves Photoshop (now with p8.5 *laugh*)

A boy with unique physical flaw seeks the help of a fairy to gain the attention of a pretty princess.

Erase 90% of your work and keep drawing until it's right. What good is a pile of junk if it's not art? Shut up.

Concept and extra art for Click Track Lolita!

Weekly strips rendered in glorious MSPAINT. Who needs Photoshop anyway?

Updated every Sunday. Updated a week ahead at [url][/url]

Petty thieves, and the women who love them.

A dark mechanical world where a strange entity slaves to create humanity in the proverbial Garden of Eden. This can only be done with the sacrifice of his first creation.

some stories taking place in an alternate dimension beyond the thunderdome, scifi robots aliens explosions cats girls space naked fighting pokemon killers

A daily photo comic, slice-of-life type strip about X3022 (please call him Robot Chuck), Amber, Brad, Ginger and whoever else stumbles by. Did I mention this strip is DAILY? As in every single day of the week? Don't you feel all warm & fuzzy? Me too!

Rated bizarre for: monsters, zombies, cannibalism, school girls, unrequited love (with a vengeance), government conspiracy, chocolate bunnies, angels vs. demons, all that with a limb or two to spare.

Kinda funny, kinda sad, overcoming my own obsticles in a new way

Lambs frolic and cause mischief. Not for kids!

Back for the first time... it's the most normal comic a guy like me could do. gather th'family around the computer screen and share some quality pork.

Silly little (collectible?) monsters that eat, sleep, play, evolve, and battle each other! What else do cute little monsters do? More than you think.

SoulDriver is a grown up fairy tale, a violent and twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. Told with a mouthful of grit and a pocket full'a bullets! It ain't cute, it ain't fluffy and it ain't pretty. Updated on Thursdays.

Cajun-spiced, hot-n-heavy, dark-n-deadly, supernatural science fiction goodness in every ever-lovin' spoonful.

Marylin has a fun job, and her job is Death. Follow her as she goes and makes a name for herself, wielding her cruel scissors of Death. Who can stand in the way of this murderous princess of Death?

The artist uses cute teddy bears to express her daily thoughts, feelings, and pains. You'll laugh. you'll cry. You'll donate a kidney.

A project I've been thinking about doing for quite some time. Basically it's me experiencing other people's lives without going anywhere. You send the pictures, we experience them together :)

Takes place in a post apocolyptic time period, 10 years after a destructive war that brought the population down to 9 million. Two fugitives escape from the city ward and group up with a tribe of desert nomads, struggling to remain uncaptured.

Profane stick figures that are profane in their own profane stick figurey ways. Also it has nothing to do with bunnies, but it does have a guy with a hat and you do like hats... right?

The abstract adventures of a Victorian businessman.

Meet Kazimieras, a 13-year-old Lithuanian boy growing up during the Soviet occupation of his country. In color.

Scout and his sister have lost their home! Luckily Scout's cute girlfriend Luka wants to meet up with him in another city. Will Scout make it there with his crazy sister and her evil pet in tow? Is Luka really the girl of his dreams she's made out to be?

Life is like a video game. Play hard. Win big.

Join the enigmatic Edgar Allan Poo and faithful guide Irving the rat as they battle mythical beasts, ancient gods, magical ravens, sorcerers, the undead, inclement weather and treacherous terrain to escape the land of dreams.

The Wings And Vampires Appreciation Movement. Join us. You know you want to!

The X-Heroes were the longtime protectors of Paramount City. But now they're out on the street and are going to have to get creative just to find a way to survive. The X-Heroes: "Because superheroes have had it too good for too long."

While looking forward to life after graduation, several Catholic schoolgirls are suddenly faced with life after death. Beguiling vampires and elegant gothic lolitas haunt this modern tale of naked fangs, forbidden love, and plaid gone bad.

Blocked by every obstacle imaginable, a young sea turtle tries to make it into the world.

no description

The sun set 500 years ago and science shapes a new path for life on this planet of two moons.

Where the Cute Things Go is a webcomic about the lives of several small creatures: Happi Paper, MomoCheet, Pudge, Frankie, Fat Cat and Evil Landlord, and their friends and aquaintances along the way of life.


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stickboybob at 10:19AM, Dec. 4, 2009

what is a capybara? sounds like some sort of melon.

stickboybob at 9:33AM, Nov. 10, 2009

dude if you were human i'd have to strangle you because of my insincere contempt for humanity. good thing you're dutch.

stickboybob at 6:02PM, July 17, 2008

thar be mischief afoot matey. and its got a hangnail.

Peipei at 12:59PM, June 29, 2008

Hi! How've you been? Good to see you around again :3.

soulcelshade at 7:08AM, June 29, 2008


Elleestmort at 7:05AM, Nov. 3, 2007

Bedankt dat je me toegevoegd hebt als vriend.

Chaz McRich at 3:35PM, Oct. 17, 2007

Thanks for the add chum!

Exzachly at 10:06PM, Sept. 30, 2007

Heeeeey! Bring back Just Bored! I look like an ass with my "Just Bored 4 life!" tattoo if you don't

Nightmare Zero at 10:35AM, May 24, 2007

Wassup. Check this out. [url][/url]

Allan at 3:42PM, May 20, 2007

CD, thank you for being Dutch.

Friedenmann at 9:18AM, May 10, 2007

Hey, there! Dutch guys are cool, very talented and handsome (as I noticed browsin' some photo galleries xD). I'm sure you too^^

sandy at 7:38PM, May 2, 2007

Thanks for the friend add And thanks for the great response to my comic. There's more to come, just need the time to get it together.

F_Allen at 3:50AM, May 2, 2007

everybody asks about that one :D want to do a good job of it keep getting distracted.

F_Allen at 3:29AM, May 2, 2007

cheers for the add crazy dutchman, whats up :D

Ryjia at 10:49AM, April 29, 2007

graag gedaan :3 ik had behalve mijn beste vriendin nog geen dutchies gezien, tot voor heel kort :)

Conned at 1:31PM, April 28, 2007

It worked and your comment didn't look silly ;}

Conned at 9:26AM, April 28, 2007

what what?! I've never met any other dutch people :(

Conned at 3:08PM, April 27, 2007

I thought I'd add a Dutchy! Seeing as I live in Holland too. It's a small world...

Chelano at 7:15AM, April 24, 2007

thank you. I read your comic everyday :)

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