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A comic book writer/artist living in the deep wilds of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Author/artist of UNA Frontiers and Arrowflight, among other creations. Artist of GAAK: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures, The Continentals, Chevalier, HitGirlz and Sky Commander, all written by Darryl Hughes. Look for print and ebook editions of our comics on Amazon!

Comics By Coydog

  • Fantasy |
  • 162 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Mercedes Lackey's chocolate in Tom Clancy's peanut butter! Do these tastes go together? You decide!
  • Fantasy |
  • 154 pages |
  • last: Jan. 7 2020 |
The noble kingdoms of The Land Ever After and The Far, Far Away are on the verge of war. A sinister plot is in play. The young Princess Faere has been mysteriously kidnapped. And all the evidence of the foul deed points to The Far, Far Away. Chevalier the mouse goes off on a hero's quest to save the missing Princess, stop the looming war between two kingdoms--And fulfill his destiny.
  • Fantasy |
  • 12 pages |
  • last: Sept. 10 2022 |
Various tales, jokes, an anthology, a moveable feast. Come in, there'll always be coffee and friendly faces. But is it a cafe, or a rabbit hole?
  • Fantasy |
  • 88 pages |
  • last: Oct. 29 2011 |
As a child, you saw storybooks in which humans co-existed with anthropomorphic vehicles. NOW, what would such a society REALLY be like? This is a compilation of several years of 24HC projects placed in the same continuity.
  • Sci-Fi |
  • 240 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
"The Goonies" meet "Invaders from Mars!"
  • Noir |
  • 121 pages |
  • last: Feb. 5 2018 |
BFF's Bella and MaryBeth are just typical tweenagers trying to deal with typical tweenage stuff: the cut throat popularity contest that is high school, the social minefield that is social media--Boys! Their one saving grace is their unusual after school job--Being tweenaged hired assassins for the mob. "HIT GIRLZ". They're good girls--Gone badass!!!
  • Adventure |
  • 267 pages |
  • last: March 30 2021 |
“You’ve gotta envy the stars–Because they get to be in the sky.” Duster Haywood Jr. Most superheroes have humble beginnings. Superman had Smallville. Spiderman had high school. Batman had…ugh…No, he was always rich, wasn’t he? And Wonder Woman was always an Amazon. Well, SKY COMMANDER got his start at a kitchen table and after hours in the machine shop of an Auto Body Repair Shop by Harlem inventor Dustin “Duster” Haywood Jr. and his invention–The Rocket Pack. But conquering the skies would be just the beginning of where Duster’s rocket pack would take him as the high flying SKY COMMANDER. “SKY COMMANDER” by Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton. It’s like The Rocketeer meets Indiana Jones.
  • Horror |
  • 198 pages |
  • last: July 12 2024 |
SUCCUBUS: Ten years ago she was violently murdered by a group of spoiled, rich sons of privilege. Privilege that would protect them from justice. But her death was the beginning of their end. Ten years later, she has returned with a thirst for revenge...And blood. Hell hath no fury--Like a woman reborn!!!
  • Fantasy |
  • 410 pages |
  • last: July 23 2018 |
While investigating a series of brutal murders, Continental Operatives Jeffrey Tiffen Smythe and the gender bending adventuress Lady Fiona Fiziwigg uncover a tangled web of mystery, adventure--And murder!
  • Fantasy |
  • 21 pages |
  • last: May 3 2022 |
Short subjects. Top-drawer rediscoveries. Half-forgotten finds of bedroom closet archeology. Maybe even some new stuff too!
  • Sci-Fi |
  • 514 pages |
  • last: Sept. 12 2019 |
300 years after "The Burn", life goes on in a post-nuke horse-and-buggy age. But the discovery of an undersea high-tech colony sets the divided powers of the Americas on a course to war. Two escapees from the besieged complex must now take their chances in the surface world and hope the choices they make are the right ones.
  • Fantasy |
  • 10 pages |
  • last: July 7 2011 |
Slice-of-life in a parallel world of anthropomorphic vehicles!

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Comics Recomended By Coydog

A story about two guys named Caldara and Shiro who get hired to take down assassins. The comic is full color, updates usually on Saturday, Sunday, and Thursday, and...has action in it. And some funny stuff.

A super-powered vampire with pirate-related PTSD accidentally starts collecting friends like a crazy cat lady collects strays, and they all live in a cabin in the woods.

Leotards rule! Dasien is a superhero in the classic sense. Fun costume. Cool powers. Tons of action. Throw in some relationship drama and kinky humor, and you have Dasien! Superhero girly goodness!

Silverware Noir! The utensils of 1930s Silver City have hopes of a shiny future but cannot escape the rusty underbelly of their metropolis. Enter Detective Fork - a sleuth as quick with a punch to the prongs as he is at solving high-profile mysteries.

A comedy about adolescent monsters and their daily adventures while attending university. A manga that's still alive after 5 years.

A tale of life, love, and internal parasites. This tale is now finished!

The Super-Dooper Cyber Comic of Epic Insect Proportions, Go-Bee!

Pencilled sketched manga with poorly written English dialogues... ...please don't shoot me.

Is one born with the authority to rule, or does it have to be earned? King Telion Cordracone trades places with a young gypsy in exchance for his freedom, but the discovery of a mystery ten years dead brings him back.

Life can be tought for a pet owner. Especially if your cat is Sophie. Get ready to deal with ninjas,zombies,pirates and vampires, not to mention scooping the kitty litter.

Two Dwarfs, Wheels and Boat are commissioned to start an institute in post war Terra. They are to promote understanding between the former enemy races. Wheels has a pet project as well. Study the Mythical magicless race called Humans that once walked Terr

Pinky TA is a diesel-punk comic set in an alternative version of the 20's. It features the sexy Pinky, war, blood, steel, and fire!

Follow the misadventures of inventor and sometimes genius Professor Herbert and his best pal G.E.O (Genetically Engineered Organism) and his trusty robot Blurb.

some stories taking place in an alternate dimension beyond the thunderdome, scifi robots aliens explosions cats girls space naked fighting pokemon killers

no description

Their hearts was stole by rock and roll.

The Wings And Vampires Appreciation Movement. Join us. You know you want to!

Doctor Who humor!

When I went to a now long defunct Aviation College 25 years ago. I did the college comic strip. I just found it in my garage. India ink bad spelling and glue stains. Hope you enjoy.


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