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Looooooong Survey
What is your full name: Alan Mrutha
Spell your first name backwards: Nala
Date of birth: August 10th 1992
Male or female: Male
Astrological sign: Leo
Nicknames: One guy calls me Al
Occupation: none
Height: 5 feet 7 inches (around there)
Weight: between 115-120
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Hazel, I guess
Where were you born: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Where do you reside now: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Age: 15
Screen names: ClichePoser or BlueX92
E-mail addy:
What does your screen name stand for: ClichePoser is to show that I blend with societys trends
Best Girl Friend: Brittany
Best Guy Friend: Andrew
Pets: Jojo - dog and Shadow - Cat
Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake: I dont remember…
Piercings: zero
Tattoos: zero
Shoe size: 10? I dunno.
Righty or lefty: Righty
What are you listening to: Showave by Black TIde
What are you watching: Nothing
How do you Feel: Tired
What are you Eating or drinking: Drinking water.

Guys / Girls / Love
Have you ever been in love: 2 or 3 times.
How many people have you said I LOVE YOU to: …
Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex: nope
How many people have you dated: one
What do you look for in a guy or girl: I really dont know. It just clicks.
Whats the first thing you notice about the opposite sex: Their face.
What type of guy or girl do you usually go for: Once again I really dont know. It just clicks.
Do you have a crush right now: yup.
If so who is it: Katie
Do you believe in love at first sight: Not really, but it should come soon after.
Do you remember your first love: yeah.
Who is the first person you kissed: …
Do you believe in fate: Kinda…
Do you believe in soul mates: maybe?
If so do you believe youll ever find yours: I sure hope so.

Family Stuff
How many siblings do you have: 1
What are your siblings names: Emily
What are your parents names: Tina Wayne
How many siblings does your father have: 3
Where are your parents from: Germany and Iowa
Is your family close: Kinda…
Does your family get together for holidays: yeah…
Do you have a drunk uncle: no.
Any medical problems run through your family: I dont think so…
Does someone in your family wear a toupee: nope.
Do you have any nieces or nephews: nope.
Are your parents divorced: nope.
Do you have step parents: nope.
Has your family ever disowned another member of your family: I dont think so.
Did some of your family come to America from another country: My mom came here from Gremany.

Music Stuff
What song do you swear was written about you or your life: I guess Basket Case by Green Day comes to mind.
Whats the most embarrassing cd you own: Europop by Eiffel 65.
Whats the best cd you own: tough one… Nirvana by Nirvana
What song do you absolutely hate: Souja boy.
Do you sing in the shower: no
What song reminds you of that special someone: dont know…

Name A Lyric From Any One Of Their Songs…
Pink: dont know.
Aerosmith: Dream On.
Madonna: dont nkow
Korn: Dunno, all they do is scream.
Backstreet Boys: dunno again
The Beatles: Yellow submarine!
Sublime: dang… I cant remember any.
J.Lo: dunno
*Nsync: I want it that way?
Limp Bizkit: I dunno…
Stacie Orrico: who?
Creed: Can you take me higher
Britany Spears: Hit me baby one more time?
Good Charlotte: I dont want to be in love?
Christina Aguilera: dunno
Eminem: dont know.
Kelly Clarkson: dont know either.
Kelly Osbourne: She sings?
Mandy Moore: dang I suck at this lyric shit.
Eve: dont know.
Aaliyah: dont know.
Nelly: dont know.
Alicia Keys: dont know.
Incubus: We all have something that digs at us

Color: black
Food: pizza
Song: Dead! by My CHemical Romance
Show: too many good ones to decide
School subject: Anything related to Computers
Band or singer or artist: too many good ones to decide
Animal: wolves or monkeys
Outfit: long sleeve T shirt with jeans?
Radio station: 104.5 The Edge

Comics By Copy and Paste

  • Fantasy |
  • 164 pages |
  • last: July 7 2011 |
This is my auto biographical comic. Covers everything from me failing at dating to playing video games for hours on end. Reveals my lack of self-esteem, how shy I am, and how bad I am around women. Just the typical emo teen. Also there are killer pillows.
  • Fantasy |
  • 130 pages |
  • last: July 7 2011 |
3 friends living together in a apartment what can go wrong?
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Can Jeff make it in the Commercial World? or will he just be a wierd local guy that does a series of stuipd car commercials?
  • Fantasy |
  • 154 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
About all my extra comics rolled into one.

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A group of friends who do all sorts of stuff. Stuff that someone over the age of 25 would never ever do. So its pretty much awesome.

A story of how I cope with daily stress with ice cream, explosions, dynamite, epic weapons of mass destruction and crack. And Don't forget farce. Or Ice Cream. BELIEVE IN THE FARCE!

The chronicles of the bizarre and often humourous adventures of a little fat guy called Ganter, and his strange friends.

Irving is a man who doesn't know the right thing to say...Or when to say it.

Stick Figures do things. Brevity.

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soulcelshade at 5:54PM, June 11, 2008

But of course, mon ami!

shortjokes at 7:33PM, May 22, 2008

Thanks for the add man, have fun in Europe

rufus_edge at 11:13AM, April 24, 2008

Thanks for reading my comic. I love you as much as I possibly can without having it be creepy.

soulcelshade at 11:22AM, April 11, 2008


BrittXBrat918 at 1:44PM, Jan. 24, 2008

ALAN MURTHAAAA!! Haha i'm number 10 on your friends list?Psssshh is this some knockoff myspace diss?? Haha just kidding...ummm yeah i talked to hannah for you....i suggest you like another girl..okay?

maskedmonkey at 8:10AM, Dec. 27, 2007

the ones that were iasked permission for them.

maskedmonkey at 7:03AM, Dec. 27, 2007

I mailde an adimn and said i might change it to a comic where people submit funny comic pages to me then i put it on there and deletethe rest of the photo pages.

maskedmonkey at 6:46AM, Dec. 27, 2007

Maybe i could assit on beta if you don't care. I could make some guest xomcis oucne in a while.

maskedmonkey at 6:45AM, Dec. 27, 2007

I think I should delete it. what do you think?

maskedmonkey at 12:02PM, Dec. 26, 2007

I don't know I mailed the adimns but they haven't replyed. Just keep on updating it to keep good stats

maskedmonkey at 6:25AM, Dec. 26, 2007

i might delete random funny stuff.

maskedmonkey at 1:45PM, Dec. 17, 2007

You can update any time you want I don't care.

maskedmonkey at 5:04AM, Dec. 17, 2007

i don't care just be shure to update every Sunday. because i can get on the computer on Sundays.

Dygyt at 5:04PM, Dec. 16, 2007

You really think so?

maskedmonkey at 2:25PM, Dec. 15, 2007

just look for some. You're now the assistant. Sometimes i might give you some.

maskedmonkey at 12:38PM, Dec. 15, 2007

thanks for the add!Do you wanna assist on Random Funny Stuff?

jurbas at 11:30PM, Dec. 5, 2007

yeha I remember now thanks for the reply

F_Allen at 6:16AM, Nov. 14, 2007

cheers for the add, wicked stuff. [url=]Dream Music[/url] check it out if your got the time. - Frank

crocty at 2:21PM, Nov. 9, 2007

Hey, you're reccomending Frank and Vinny....I never see you comment on them...

Chaz McRich at 5:59AM, Oct. 22, 2007

Thanks for the add chum!

Rockster1039 at 6:49PM, Aug. 17, 2007

heh totally understandable

Rockster1039 at 2:22PM, Aug. 15, 2007

thanks again for the comment. yeah, those kids would be so realistic, eh?

Rockster1039 at 6:56PM, July 2, 2007

No problem. Thanks for the comment!

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