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I am a former Navy CTA3 and current computer geek-Navy SEAL-Marine Recon wannabe.

From my picture you might guess that I have an interest in the French Foreign Legion, you might say it is my fall back. . .whenever my job get too hard or boring or whatever, I say; Thats it! Ive had it! I Quit! Im joining the French Foreign Legion! Of course, since I am over 40 and not eligable, my wife just smiles and nods her head, as if to say yes dear.

My three comic strips are the result of wanting to learn how to draw, and having absolutely no true talent. I have gotten so I can draw fairly well, but it is sheer practice, and not native talent. My hats off to guys like Michael Jantze, Jeff Bacon, and Berkeley Breathed. All artist who have some wonderful native talent.

My other two comics will eventually get put up here. Right now they are too rough. They are from the early days of my drawing and I have to re-do most of them to make the artwork presentable. For those interested, one is called Geek Phreak and the other is called Election Time. Geek Phreak is my answer to Dilbert. Election Time is my outlet for my political unrest. Be warned, when I draw Election Time I take out all the stops and dont hesitate to be rude, crude, obscene, immature, and degenerate.

My heros are Calvin, Dogbert, The Brain, and Bucky Katt. In case you failed to notice, each of these noble citizens wants to rule the world and arent afraid to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goal.

***WARNING!!***Shameless Begging to Follow***

Feel free to pass my comics around for any private use. I am always looking for more exposure of my work.

For non-profit public use, drop me a message and I will happily grant what permissions are reasonable.

For Commercial use: I am highly susceptible to Cash, Blue Chip Stocks, and other honest means of showing a (mostly) honest artist your appreciation. Something can be worked out, Im sure of it.

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Pronounced "Mark One Mod Zero", this is a comic about the not-so adventerous experineces of Private First Class Jay Rheene, USMC.

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