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I am from AlipurDuar Junction, India. I am a smalltown guy with no conventional training in art. I try to draw what I see and from my imagination. I am a big fan of comic books and always felt that I wanted to tell some stories in this medium. I want to learn more about writing and drawing comic books.
I am very inspired by the works of Frank Miller (Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns only),Brian Wood, Warren Ellis and Matt Fraction.
My favorite artists: Mike Mignola,Marc Silvestri and Bill Sienkiewicz.
There was some problem with my old webcomic,'Richa's Erotic Adventures' (which was full of NSFW content and quite popular), I lost all the new and old pages in a PC crash. Then my father fell ill and I had to go look for a stable job.
For few years I stopped drawing totally. But the die-hard comics fan in me brought me back here again. I am still creating, just a-bit slower now due to the restrictions of my new job.

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A stranger is in the town... and nowhere is safe for the criminals and the corrupt... Updated weekly...

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Reed has spent his youth enjoying his life to the full. Funny and athletic- Reed has never wanted for friends, but even in a crowded room he has always felt alone. Today, on his 27th birthday, Reed finds himself drawn to a strange woman, and dark secret his parents can no longer hide...

The 98.7% true autobiographical adventures of Tera Sanders, the Princess of Sylmar, California


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