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I thought it was time to put something here, so here it comes.
First, Im not blind. Thats just a vicious rumor.
Second, Ill admit that I am a bit of a noob, but not nearly enough as I was when I first made a comic. (THE HORROR! Thank goodness they never made it to the internet).
Second, if you cant tell, I like making and reading sprite comics. Dont ask me which of my comics is my favorite, I dont like forming opinions on anything, especially because I almost literally cant form opinions.
Next, I like video games (I pity the fools who dont), and my favorite genre is RPG, although I seem to play MegaMan games as much more than I play RPGs. Its MegaMans fault that Im a hopeless video game addict.
My favorite games (outside of the MegaMan series) are Tales of Symphonia (what is Symphonia anyway?), Final Fantasy 6 (best game in the series), Final Fantasy Tactics (need I say more?), Secret of Mana (and any related games; SOM is the other reason Im a video game addict), and Chrono Trigger (undeniable greatness).
I read a lot of Marvel Comics (I have to say my favorite is Ultimate Spiderman), but not really anything by DC, because I cant stand Super Man (Batman is cool though).
I read a lot of fantasy novels though (Patrick Rothfuss, Robert Jordan, and Terry Brooks ftw!)
Yeah, thats pretty much it.

Recently Ive started reading manga and watching anime, (mainly Bleach, Naruto, and Rurouni Kenshin but there are other series.

Comics By Blind Person

  • Fantasy |
  • 81 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Basically telling the story of the character Azherl, who, if you didn't know, (and chances are you didn't) is my custom Sonic character. Other people from the Somic games appear and stuff happens, but it's a bit more involved than that.
  • Fantasy |
  • 186 pages |
  • last: July 19 2011 |
A comic that's kind of about everything. In the current storyline, I strive for the ultimate in convolution and face off against a shadowy, mysterious villain while Ultrazeldafan is left to defend the base from whatever. Fourth wall not included.

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A reploid activates itself with an unknown personality matrix under the employ of Sigma. Will he become one of Sigma's greatest warriors, or something else entirely?

Not your ordinary sprite comic, at all. Taken from the view point of Blues/Protoman of Megaman, it starts before the games and follows his exstensive, and slightly original, story. Intrigue, betrayal, powerlust, and even love, Blues must find his own way.

A sentient being appears and teaches people.

Two friends doing anything possible to retain their sanity working in cubicles. Oh takes place like a billion years in the future.

A party of a fighter, mage, and rogue sit around, get drunk, launch cows, and kick all ass with amazing photoshop colors. All this and more in Dungeons and Dumbasses, It's DnD exactly like you've seen it before!

In the future, even machines will need an angel, and one girl is there to fill in that job position, her name is Angel Love; and her dream will cause a whole cyborg city to erupt into a massive gang war.

A group known has the Forsaken has been reforged. In the events of what happened 6,000 years ago they do not want to the same events to unfold. Can they stop these demonic forces, and also save friendships along the way? ---- Officially ended: September 11th, 2014

SEASON 2! The prodigy of Omega Tau and Ren are going to be born soon. Things seem fine and all, but some people from O.T.'s past have come back to hunt him. WARNING! Rating Raised to Mature!

What happens when Kirby meets FF4? A lot of things. Yet somehow, I manage to find a way to tie things together so it makes sense. The main characters of FF4 find themselves in Kirby's world, and evil has followed them. This isn't your usual Kirby comic.

The tales of what happens to Megaman and Co. outside of the games.

Random little ideas from Resi4ever(Mach) and Martin Prower, based on anything on life in general. No update schedule

This story starts as Zero Dies at Ragornot...

The randomness from Nintendo games is shown in this one-liner comic. Many Nintendo games are shown, Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Warioware, and other awesome games made by Nintendo. There will not be licensed nintendo games in the comic. Enjoy the randomess

Sonic and Tails have grown bored of living in the country and have decided to move to the city, at least that's what Sonic decided. Warning: Contains Magi, demonic landlords, a crazy green guy, and suffering, lots and lots of suffering.

The story of two fellows who are destined to blow up the ocean or die trying.

A sprite comic based on Fire Emblem (7). The travels and adventures of a dysfunctional group of fighters.

Various things occur in this... I don't know yet.

Sonic's on college... WITH SHADOW AS HIS ROOMMATE?! (this story is not in Another Sonic Comic's Storyline)

Sonic and Tails wonder what it would be like to enter the world of a game. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong one...

A telling of the game Sonic Heroes, but from what thoughts I had from playing the game for the first time...

The Ghostly spirit has taken control of Bowser and it's up to Mario and Luigi to save the Mushroom Kingdom from destruction.

Dr. Light and Dr. Wily create an interdimensional portal that allows a magi-priest of a dark god into thier world. What happens next? Well you'll need to read and find out.


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opdisk225 at 8:09AM, April 23, 2011

Blinds... Still alive over there?

opdisk225 at 2:03AM, Aug. 2, 2009

Yes, Yes I do.

Resi4ever at 5:20PM, May 19, 2009

W00t 1st comment! =P To answer your comment about EaW, I'm exactly the same. Its even worse in the expansion for it as the DS2 can shoot and destroy capital ships and Stations as well

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