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Name: Sheryl Hall

Age: 14

Birthday: April 30, 1993

Residence: Northampton, England

Favorite Games:

1.) Pokemon

2.) Final Fantasy

3.) Kingdom Hearts

Top Two Favroite DD Comics:

1.) Super Nario Bros

2.) Any Pokemon sprite comic

Bio: Im a teen anime fanatic and I love cute pokemon.

I love pairing up characters from anime and I hate fangirls.

Top Ten Pairings:

1.) Naruto and Hinata (naruto)

2.) Ash and Misty (pokemon)

3.) Drew and May (pokemon)

4.) Ash and Anabel (pokemon)

5.) Sora and Kairi (kingdom hearts)

6.) Tidus and Yuna (final fantasy)

7.) Gasser and Beauty (bobobo-bo bo-bobo)

8.) Shikamaru and Temari (naruto)

9.) Shikamaru and Ino (naruto)

10.) Neji and Ten Ten (naruto)

Comics By Bec_Onima

  • Fantasy |
  • 7 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
It has been five years since Red, Blue and Green left on their pokemon journeys and Kanto has changed alot. But the new laws are putting pokemon professors out of their jobs. Can the new generation of pokemon trainers help.
  • Fantasy |
  • 7 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Bec knows nothing about her past but can she ramember it all before it's too late? And will she choose to trust Lee or Tyson? Her fate is i her hands...

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