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I'm Armand Avart, illustrator and musician.

Used to draw every day at every time until in 2000 I feel sick of drawing. Holding a pencil and a paper horrified me and found some relief in music. Me and my friends form a garage band, playing elsewhere and in small pubs. Started as a cover band, things were going well. We wrote songs and music until after 15 years, I started to feel that it was time to get back to drawing.

I started to write a fantasy story, with so many characters and places, but haven't draw anything after 15 years so I was a bit scared at first.
That story (called Ziria) went to the scrapbook and started what now is The Gloom. Now 7 years have passed since I started to draw again and I'm still learning new techniques and tricks to improve, because I'm never satisfied.

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Comics By Avart

  • Horror |
  • 13 pages |
  • last: Feb. 10 2024 |
The last chapter of the 'one shot' version of my comic The Gloom. It shows how the story was meant to end.
  • Mystery |
  • 224 pages |
  • last: April 2 2023 |
Can vampires love? Hitomi is in love with Hayate, a vampire. Hayate is extremely interested in Hitomi's "blue heart" but no one knows what his intentions are. Kokoro, Hitomi's best friend is obsessed with her. This has Hitomi in an internal struggle with her feelings. Should Hitomi make acquaintance with strangers? Read from right to left please! Warning: Mature content, blood, gore and adult situations.
  • Fantasy |
  • 34 pages |
  • last: Oct. 21 2018 |
Here I can share sketches, art and other stuff of my work. Hope you like it!

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Amy has been out of college 10 years, but hasn't met all the mile-markers of being a certified "adult." She's still single, renting, and hasn't seen a promotion in 5 years. Throw in a naughty kitty who tries to foil all attempts at success, and the adulting struggle is real! A comical look at first world problems, dating, pandemics, and more.

*updates random* Local girl band whose quest to obtain fame leads to the discovery of an ancient secret. Follow the band as they try to navigate building their career, romance, and the super natural. LGBQTIA+ Rated 16+ Illustrated by 0becomingX / Michelle Silva

The forest planet Farya has known peace between it's five northern territories until creatures start appearing out of cracks in the ground. These creatures eat humans quickly giving them names like monsters or demons. One man is known to walk among them fearless and word is that he travels with a monster. The dark tale of Farya....

Funny comic strips.

An alien marooned on Earth meets a homeless man who occupies the park where he has crashed

A place to put Extra Stuff. I really should get the comic name changed - it's not just about the Godstrain anymore...

A group of snazzy individuals who challenge and try to change a corrupted society to its core.

[ COMPLETED ] Aya and Makoto are childhood friends. Aya's dream is to become a professional mangaka. However, Aya's parents don't support her dream. Makoto wants to fulfill Aya's dream for her and prove her parents wrong.

When your fate seems sealed, sometimes the world shifts anyway. Literally. This story follows Jano's journey through his ever changing views of the world and his own strength.

Welcome to Infant City, home to the survivors of a deadly pandemic that wiped out most of the human race but on the bright side, the virus had a strange effect on the survivors, causing them to manifest amazing physical and mental abilities, pretty cool, right? Well, not for everyone. Kayn, a 19 year old living as what many AMP’s (amplified human) refer to as “throwback human” (humans born with no abilities), has spent most of his life trying to gain the respect of his peers but regardless of his efforts to impress them he's still ignored by AMP’s because of his disadvantages, that is until a mysterious non-corporeal extraterrestrial being only known as Kourageous offers him cosmic powers but on one condition, he has to earn them through a series of trials and life tests to prove he can use them responsibly. Now Kayn must face off against superhumans, aliens, and monsters as well as prevent hyperdimensional forces from absorbing the universe all while learning to handle his personal insecurities and become a hero.

Kiana's Jungle is story about young Kiana and her side kick Torr. Kiana has been on the jungle island all her life. Very little is known how she end up on the island. And this island is filled with dinosaurs, cavemen and a recently discover mysterious magic gate. Updates on Friday.

Kings Club Graphic Novel Volume 1: digital-first. An Italian mafia boss' daughter has to prove her skills during a clan war, while two hired agents of a multitask worldwide mercenary organization are looking for something called "The Joker" in her family. Genre: Conspiracy Thriller Pulp Neo Noir. Protagonist: Leading lady. Twice a week!

This is A comicstrip based story about having a beard and not wanting to do real work.

Three years after the Cocoa City Attacks, the Valentine sisters try to move on with their lives, but a new threat interferes their path as they commit attacks that'll lead to a bigger conspiracy they plan for the future. During their quest, they learn more about their family's past which leads to why they're the targets.

A romance drama about two separate lives forced to work together. Rio, a high school student, is madly in love with the girl of his dreams but is too scared to tell her how he feels. When his life is cut short, he misses the opportunity and isn't ready to move on. The only person who can help him crossover is Yoru- the one who receives Rio's heart from a heart transplant. Feelings become complicated when Yoru encounters Rio's crush. Is it really the heart that loves or the person owning the heart?

Before the Qin era began, the land of Zhongyuan was in total chaos. The rulers of the various kingdoms were at war. Each kingdom hoping to topple the others and reign over the land. A hundred powerful clans emerged, all of them supporting different kings. The hundred clans all have a unique ability possessed by their most exceptional member. The Meng family was the head of the Martial Clan. Their ability, Martial Spirit, gives the bearer the spirit and ability of a great warrior. However, during the reign of King Xiangzhao, the Meng family lost the Martial Spirit and has weakened greatly since then. When Zhongyuan is finally united under the rule of Qin Shi Huang, Meng Yuan and his older brother Meng Yi were the only remaining members of the Meng family. Meng Yuan one day saves a young man named Mo Dun from the abusive Huhai, the youngest son of the Qin Emperor. Infuriated, Huhai orders Meng Yuan to be banished from Xianyang. Several years pass, and this is where the story truly begins…

1,000 years ago, two beings known as the "Angels" and the "Demons" came into the world and since then have become an everyday part of life for the world. It is within this world, watched over by the world police, "The Enforcement" that one boy finds himself in a spectacular adventure.

A dieselpunk space opera / action comic following the adventures of the starknights, intergalactic crusaders for freedom and justice on the frontier of space .

Kairo Takeishi, a world-weary agent for the Secret Police, is unexpectedly taken off the field to train two teenage siblings as recruits. The problem is that Kairo is also a double-agent, and his boss has a strange interest in this unique duo. Sunstrike and Bluemist is a Superhero/Drama webcomic rated T. (Warning for occasional violence/abuse themes, and implied self-harm).

Strong rule and weak suffer! Those are the rules in Kronos High School, where violent hooligans constantly fight for power! But here comes new student, the warrior of justice! His name is Marcel and he has two goals! To punish the evil oppresors and to find his sister. But is he a hero, or just another delinquent? "Super Impact High school" is an action packed, over-the-top story full of fighting, crazy characters and dark secrets. I hope you have fun reading my first comic.

Kimber Lee's got a problem! She can do things only possible in dreams; she's super fast, inhumanly strong, and nearly indestructible! Therein lies a conundrum! When you can do the impossible, how can you be certain you're not dreaming?

A young boy on the path of hatred and despair battles all odds with the marks left behind by the creators. The path is crewel and full of hardship but nonetheless,witness him and his freinds walk this path, heads high and full of courage,witness these kids conquer world.

Kei would be you're average fifteen year old boy, that is if he wasn't being hunted by people who claim he is "the red prince", a person said to be the reincarnation of death...Good thing this prince has a knight. BL by Alice

Adventure of Kevin, who woke up on a strange fantasy world. He explores this world and hopes to get back home. - Completed!

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