SS7 182 The End

skyangel on Feb. 6, 2023

Dear Readers,

At some point in my life, not too far from this point in theirs, I made the decision to finally complete the comic which book I started when I first met Sarah and Janey. We did have many wonderful years together and I shall always cherish the time we shared but it's now time for me to move on.

But before I go, it wouldn't be right to end this without saying a huge thank you to all you readers, as well as those at the Duck, who have valued us and shown so much support over the last fifteen years.
This unique little world of mine which Sarah so kindly allowed and enabled me to live again through her has been made all the more real for me especially, by sharing it with you.

And lastly, we cannot of course forget Emma and Becky, for all the hours they donated in colouring the artwork for me for so long! I have been truly fortunate to have the benefit of their talents.

My own future with Kim was not to last. Living with a transgender person often takes just as much courage and strength as transgender people need themselves. Both have to face the world in similar ways and I was more prepared for it than she was. Before you think the worst of her, it was me that ended the relationship, not her. ‘If you truly love someone, you let them go’ as they say, and I could not bear to see her suffer any more at losing her own family too.
I tried to put a brave face on things and live a more ordinary life after Kim but eventually Sarah reached out to me as she always has done and I eventually joined them both up in Scotland.
But that's another story..

Have a nice life!