Nikki - A Life Less Ordinary

skyangel on Jan. 9, 2024


Those of you who have already read and enjoyed our first comic ‘Simply Sarah’ will already know who Nikki is and how she met Sarah and Janey and ended up making her own comic about them. This time round we tell Nikki's life story covering events in her life both before and after her time with Sarah and Janey as well as revisiting some events that we already know about but never saw through Nikki's eyes before.

If you enjoyed reading about Nikki in Simply Sarah then I think you will really enjoy this, for other readers I'm not so sure but after toying with several different ideas for a new comic this has been the one had the greatest pull in the end and I think that already shows in the artwork.

If you want to follow the new comic then please click on the link here and it will take you there!

LINK to Nikki - A Life Less Ordinary

I look forward to seeing you there!