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HawkandFloAdventures is Hosting a Phantom Force 3000 “Draw This In Your Style” Contest

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Feb. 12, 2024

Photo: “Aluta Continua and Chorley References from Phantom Force 3000”. Phantom Force 3000, Hawk and Flo, and Thirley Peak created by HawkandFloAdventures. Psychoborg created by MK_Wizard. (February 2024).

HawkandFloAdventures writes:

At the moment I'm hosting a Draw This In Your Style (DTIYS) contest for Phantom Force 3000 the winner gets their own crossover desktop drawn by me.

 I'll have at least another page done on Phantom Force 3000 by tomorrow which I’ll post on Patreon for you to see. Hope everything is going well on your end!

Phantom Force 3000 Forum Discussion:

Photo: “Phantom Force 3000 Book Cover”. Phantom Force 3000 created by HawkandFloAdventures. (February 2024)

The Deadline for this contest is the 9th of March. The Winner and the submissions will be showcased in that weeks chapter ^^

The contest itself is a Draw This In Your Style with a twist. The assignment is to draw Aluta Continua or Chorley from Phantom Force 3000 with at least one of your own characters. Must be Safe for Work (SFW)! After that it's entirely up to you what scenario you wish to put these characters in.

The winner of the contest will receive a crossover desktop drawn by me. Between the winner's series and Phantom Force 3000 (Note if the winner wishes it can be a Hawk and Flo Adventures or Thirley Peak themed desktop).

Note: Contest will also accept regular fan art

Have fun and I hope you all enjoy <3

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kawaiidaigakusei at 4:24PM, Feb. 12, 2024

You are welcome, HawkandFloAdventures!

HawkandFloAdventures at 3:38AM, Feb. 12, 2024

Thank you for the anouncement! <3

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