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Quackcast 615 - Happy Christmas!

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Dec. 27, 2022

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Happy Life Day! Hahaha!
Merry Christmas for 2 days ago… This week we're talking about the “Christmas specials” that populate entertainment media this time of year. No particular reason for it, it's just because it's seasonal! It's not always Christmas focused there are the occasionally hanukkah things as well, and in the northern hemisphere this is the season for traditional winter festivals afterall.

What are your fave “Christmas specials”? Do you like them when webcomics do them? I always used to love the one that Kittyhawk did for her Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuki comic

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Nocturne 21 Volume One - Darkly introspective with an Asian influence. It reminds me of an unfinished Hong Kong skyscraper in the1980s at night- wind whistling through the open floors, the lights of the city below and around but not inside the shadowy, debris strewn depths of the skeletal structure, smelling of concrete dust and epoxy. There’s a slow, considered pace to this compelling piece.

-As a Christmas present all Patreon members get to see our video, not just the $5 and up members, AND it's better quality so it's NOT painful to watch haha!

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Neville Magicians Rabbit -

Featured music:
Nocturne 21 Volume One - - by Hirokari, rated M.

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Gunwallace -
Ozoneocean -
Banes -
Tantz Aerine -

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GrapeApe at 3:06AM, Dec. 28, 2022

Gunwallace, the theme you did for Nocturne was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for coming up with that for my comic. It was perfect! Happy Christmas everyone!

Ozoneocean at 10:06PM, Dec. 27, 2022

Thanks guys! I added Tantz's link in there now :) I copied the links from the 1930 Quackcast XD

DylanTale Comics at 12:26PM, Dec. 27, 2022

As a Star Wars geek, I also approve of the cover art LOL

Tantz_Aerine at 11:01AM, Dec. 27, 2022

Love the cover art. XD

Banes at 8:17AM, Dec. 27, 2022

Haha - great cover pic. Tantz isn't listed in the episode cast, though; she was surely there!

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